GP heads for industrial action vote as BMA favors “support package” boycott

The BMA GP Committee held an emergency meeting on October 21 to discuss the expert response to the “Support Package”. This subsequently caused rage during the GP. Direct intervention in face-to-face promises threatened one-fifth practice and imposed a series of new demands..

The GP leader of the conference unanimously resolved to reject a series of measures, warned that the problems facing the profession could not be addressed, and urged practices and LMCs not to be involved in their implementation. The motion passed by members of the GP Committee also condemned “the intentional and relentless condemnation of the GP by the government, NHS England, and the media in certain quarters.”

The GP Committee seeks formal approval from the BMA Council for ballots on industrial behavior in the form of a boycott of payroll transparency rules and participation in the COVID medical exemption certification process.

Industrial behavior

NS Controversial Wage Transparency Rules That is, GPs and other medical staff who earn more than £ 150,000 will be publicly appointed later this year-and GPs will be “chosen” for unfair treatment and new abuse under the plan. Offended doctor leaders that they could face a wave of sterling.

The Commission also called for “negotiations to replace the old, underfunded, unlimited, unsafe workload of current GP contracts” and for the practice of suspending redemption of additional roles, access planning We supported a motion calling on the LMC to “unlock” the implementation of. The scheme works and frees you from PCNDES requests.

The motion also endorsed LMC to collect from the “dateless resignation” practice from PCN DES. This may be submitted “if a submission is received with a critical mass greater than 50% of the qualified practice”.

Dr. Richard Vautrey, Chair of the BMAGP Committee, said: All efforts to persuade the government to introduce viable plans that bring immediate and long-term improvement to doctors and their patients have been wasted so far.

GP request is ignored

“The government has completely ignored our request for a reduction in bureaucracy to allow us to focus more on patient care. Therefore, we have doctors withdraw from this bureaucracy. Is encouraging.

“The end result is managing workload pressures, including ending the current crisis in general practice, safely overcoming the untreated portion of care caused by the pandemic, and providing safe service to patients. Properly support and create time to practice. An agreed long-term plan to make general practice sustainable in the future.

A DHSC spokesperson said: Our plans improve access and facilitate face-to-face appointments. This includes providing GP with an additional £ 250 million to increase capacity.

“We’re also reducing bureaucracy, giving GP teams targeted support, relieving staff pressure and freeing up time to spend with patients.”

The BMA emphasized that key services such as vaccination programs and core services are unaffected by the plan and denounced the “government goal-based checkbox approach to providing services.”

The motion was fully discussed and passed by the BMA GP Committee.

The Commission is resentful of the GP’s deliberate and relentless accusations by the government, NHSE / I, and the media for certain quarters.

i) Reject the plan announced by NHSEI on October 14, 2021 and urge all UK LMCs to stop participating in the implementation of the plan.

ii) Request all UK practices to suspend all ARRS recruitment and release them from PCNDES requirements

iii) We promise full support to protect and defend configuration GPs that refuse to participate in or comply with the unreasonable contractual enforcement of “Pay Transparency” and “Covid Medical Exemption Certification” by NHSEI.

iv) Request all UK practices to submit a dateless resignation from PCN DES held by LMC. However, it will only be issued if a submission by more than 50% of the eligible practices is received by Critical Mass.

v) Instruct GPC Executives to negotiate a comprehensive new contract to replace the old, underfunded, unlimited, unsafe workloads of the current GP contract.

GP heads for industrial action vote as BMA favors “support package” boycott

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