GP reservations will exceed 30m in October and two-thirds will be delivered directly

GP Practice made 30.4 million subscriptions in October 2021. This is 6.3% higher than last month’s figure, at least the second highest monthly total since early 2019.

Of these talks, 19.5m (64%) took place directly, an increase of about 13% compared to last month. Also, since January 2020, long before the pandemic blockade was introduced, the total number of face-to-face appointments is the highest.

Last month, the practice team delivered over 9.4 million bookings over the phone. Surgery also performed 178,593 home visits, the highest number since February 2020, before the blockade was introduced.

GP schedule

GP Practice provided 33.9 million consultations in October this year, including bookings for COVID-19. This is 15% higher than last month’s 29.5 million bookings, the highest total since more than 34.6 million consultations were made in March this year.

The rise in the level of GP activity comes as nElected BMAGP Committee Chair Dr Farah Jameel We recognized workload pressure as one of the “biggest problems” facing general practice.

In response to the latest UK GP booking data, Dr. Jameel said: ‘These statistics clearly show that the GP and its team continue to strive to take care of the patients they need most.

“Last month’s practice in the UK saw more than 4 million appointments from September, a total of 33.9 million in October, and more than 3 million appointments from the same month before the 2019 pandemic. Increasingly, this highlights how the false suggestion of not looking directly at the patient is wrong, as the practice is closed.

Workload solution

“The fact that the 3.5 million reservations were due to COVID-19 vaccination is a testament to the continued efforts of the GP team, which plays an important role in tackling the pandemic on the ground through the booster program.

“But what isn’t covered in these statistics is a series of other tasks that the GP and its colleagues do outside of consultation. This is referral follow-up, letter writing, test result evaluation, and practice management. Is it?

“In addition to this, there is the fact that we continue to lose GP. Currently, we have more than 1,700 full-time family doctors less than in 2015, and the increasing workload is reaching its limits. Staff are exhausted and depressed and do not have enough time to provide safe and quality care to their patients.

She added: ‘General practice is proud of its relationship with the community and the continuity of care it provides to patients in the community. Practice, their hard-working dedicated team, urgent action is needed to reach a solution that gives them the space and time to do what they are best at and takes care of their patients when they need it.

Crisis of general medical care

last week MP has begun investigating the future of common practices After months of intense pressure on the GP over access to face-to-face care, and under the catastrophic workload pressure caused by the surge in demand for reservations and the chronic labor crisis.

Jeremy Hunt, chairman of the Health and Social Care Commission and former secretary of health and social care, said general practice was “at risk” and the workforce was “completely exhausted and depressed.” And patients are becoming more and more uncertain about what they can expect. “

NS Last month, the GPC unanimously passed a denial of the £ 250m Winter Access Fund. This will partially fund additional primary care staff, but will require increased total bookings and face-to-face access.

This month, the union voted as an indicator to assess the profession’s willingness to take the form of industrial behavior for its failure to support general practice needs. However, the BMA states that there are “no immediate plans” to publish the results.

Amanda Pritchard, Chief Executive Officer of the NHS Denied ignoring GP’s advice on how to relieve pressure on practicesDespite widespread criticism of the access plans and support packages released last month.

GP reservations will exceed 30m in October and two-thirds will be delivered directly

Source link GP reservations will exceed 30m in October and two-thirds will be delivered directly

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