GP’s anger as a “support package” increases pressure on face-to-face access

GP leaders said they were “disappointed” by the authorities deploying a “little offer” package after promising support for common practices.

“It’s really scary to have a government ignorant of the needs of such a core part of the NHS,” the BMA said.

Plans set by the government The NHS England includes a £ 250m Winter Access Fund between November this year and March 2021. Occupations are already offered more than ever -As well as more appointment requests in person.

QOF target

The plan may also create a new QOF goal for access to GP practice and, starting April 2022, will result in the deployment of a new patient satisfaction system that encourages patients to evaluate their practice in text after booking. ..

The plan confirms that satisfaction scores will be published at individual practice levels, along with practice level data on “activity and waiting time.” The practice is given an incentive to raise the satisfaction score in 2022/23 under the Investment and Impact Fund, and the scale of the incentive “will increase significantly in 2023/24”.

GP leaders have warned of plans that could increase pressure on general practice-and could lead to more. Abuse under persistent attacks over face-to-face access..The plan will come in a few weeks GP attacked government to “pick out” common practices for wage transparency Measures that do not apply to other NHS employees or contractors, despite the promise that the GP will not be unfairly targeted.

The plan also puts additional pressure on common practices around face-to-face access, despite appeals from experts for greater support.

Face-to-face access

By the end of October, he was ordered to complete the procedure to see if the patient was balanced between the remote and face-to-face visits. In addition to the 700 already supported, an additional 200 practices will be supported through the NHS’s Access Improvement Program.

In addition to this, 44 Integrated Care Systems (ICS) in England are instructed to start “immediate exercises” to create a list of up to 20% of all community practice. [they] We will take further steps immediately to help improve access.

The practice along with this intervention was identified as being in the bottom 20% of face-to-face bookings, with the highest A & E usage and overall booking compared to pre-pandemic time. The number will decrease and you will receive a call. Core hours are high from their patients to 111.

The proposal document praised the GP practice’s response to the pandemic, stating that “all practices are currently addressing the new challenge of considering the optimal blend of remote and face-to-face appointments.” increase.

Patient preference

The document states that many do so “superbly”, but claims that “a few practices now provide completely inadequate access with very low levels of face-to-face care.” I am. In August of this year, “More than 15% of clinics recorded that less than 20% of GP appointments were face-to-face. This is a good clinical practice, even if it reflects your tastes. It’s a level that is likely to go against it. ” Of their patients.

The £ 250m Winter Access Fund allows existing staff to pay for additional sessions and provide additional locum and other assistance. Healthcare systems that market part of the fund need to demonstrate that all practices provide “at least a pre-pandemic activity level.” There is also a significant surge in clinical management workloads.

The system should also show that the number of appointments in general practice has increased, the proportion offered face-to-face has increased, and the on-hour use of 111 and A & E services has been minimized. On the other hand, in medical care, register for a mild illness referral service at a local pharmacy and share cash.

The plan also promises “zero tolerance” for health care worker abuse and emphasizes plans to double the maximum sentence for general assault on NHS staff.

Abused practice staff

Sajid Javid, secretary of health and social care, announced a package of plans, “decided to allow patients to see their GP as they please, no matter where they live.” Said.His comment comes just a few weeks after he said it was “high time” that the GP offered face-to-face promises to all the patients who wanted them-something RCGP states that MP is simply “undeliverable”..

Dr. Richard Vautrey, Chairman of BMAGP, said: It is not in contact with the scale of the crisis on the ground.

“GPs and their teams will face the worst winters for decades, resulting in poor patient care. It will be harder to book appointments, longer wait times and more. The profession may leave and the GP will have a hard time dealing with it.

“It’s also a shame that we’re crazy about face-to-face appointments. We need more intelligent conversations about the different appointments and care available to meet the needs of our patients.”

He told the BMA repeatedly that the BMA would endanger patient care and access unless bureaucracy for practice was reduced. But he warned:

He said the measure to relieve pressure on the GP by expanding the list of experts who could provide medical evidence, conformance notes, and DVLA checks was “just a fall into the sea.” He added: Without this behavior during these critical times, there is no doubt that many GPs will cut their stethoscopes and eventually quit their profession.

Professor Martin Marshall, chair of the RCGP, said: Our hard-working members consider this package an opportunity to miss.

“Purely focusing on access ignores other challenges faced in providing high quality and personalized care. Importantly, common practices are faced here. There is nothing to address the pressure of the workforce over the years. We have succeeded in a manifest commitment of an additional 6,000 GP and 26,000 other primary care professionals to allow the government to enter the workforce by 2024. I need to let you.

In addition to the lack of measures against labor pressure, the report claims that the number of full-time GPs increased by about 1,200 between June 2019 and June 2021, but is fully qualified. The workforce was increased by only 100 doctors.Also, the confirmation fails Huge shortfall in redemption scheme goals for additional roles..

Sajid Javid, Minister of Health and Secretary of Social Care, said: I would also like to thank the GP and his team for their hard work during the most difficult times of my living memory.

“Our new plan provides investment and targeted support for the general practice team, which addresses performance degradation, relieves staff pressure, and spends more time with patients. , You can increase the number of face-to-face reservations.

“In addition to this, we have come up with more measures to tackle abuse and harassment, so the staff of general practitioners who work hard to care for patients, without fear of their safety. You can do that. “

GP’s anger as a “support package” increases pressure on face-to-face access

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