Great Barrier Reef “Birth” at Annual Coral Spawning Event

Corals fertilize billions of offspring by throwing sperm and eggs into the sea (credit: AP)

The Great Barrier Reef spawning event, in which corals simultaneously release sperm and eggs in an annual color explosion, took place overnight off Cairns, Queensland on Tuesday.

Scientists who witnessed this event said it was a positive sign that coral reefs could be regenerated despite ecological threats.Only 2 percent of the Great Barrier Reef remains Not affected by bleaching Since 1998.

“Nothing makes people happier than a new life. Coral spawning is the world’s greatest evidence,” Australian marine biologist Gareth Phillips said in a statement from the Queensland Tourism Board.

As a team of marine biologists, divers, students and photographers, Philips sat in the front row of coral spawning this year. Leaf teach, Dive to the bottom of the sea to capture coral footage.

Reef Teach is a platform for collecting and sharing information about the Great Barrier Reef through research and education. For the next few days, the team will move to other coral reef locations to film and observe this phenomenon.

Spawning footage allows scientists to monitor coral harvests this year and the general health of the Great Barrier Reef, which is protected by UNESCO.

Coral spawning on the Great Barrier Reef is an annual phenomenon. (Credit: AP)

In July, the World Heritage Committee decided not to list coral reefs as “at risk” World Heritage Sites.This designation means that the site is under threat and can be lost if no action is taken to address the concern. World heritage status.. Australia must now report its conservation efforts to UNESCO by February 2022.

Phillips called monitoring this year’s corals spawning from Cairns the “ultimate treasure hunt.”

“I’ve seen the coral disappear all at once, but this time it seems that seeds are coming out one after another like waves. With water like glass and beautiful light from the moon, the conditions are magical. It was, “he said.

Phillips and his team were swimming in search of corals on the verge of spawning.

“When I found the ripe coral, I observed each colony take about 30 seconds to complete spawning. It was so exciting that I grabbed the skipper and took it into the water,” he added.

Coral spawning on the Great Barrier Reef is an annual phenomenon. For most of the year, corals multiply by division and division, but once a year, corals release sperm and egg bundles into the sea at the same time.

“Each coral larvae land and drift until they settle on the ocean floor,” says Phillips. “Eggs are spawned over several days, with different species spawning on different nights.”

Scientists who witnessed this event said it was a positive sign that coral reefs could be regenerated despite ecological threats. (Credit: AP)

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation explains: If you release the bundle at the same time, you are more likely to find another bundle from the same coral species needed for breeding.

The annual coral spawning usually takes place from October to November, but the timing may vary depending on factors such as water temperature and ocean currents. Spawning dates can also vary depending on the length and width of the 2,300-kilometer Great Barrier Reef.

“I’m happy to see the coral reefs give birth,” Phillips said. “It’s a powerful demonstration that, after more than 18 months of recovery, its ecological function is intact and functioning.” Said.

The Great Barrier Reef has the potential to survive if it can limit global warming to 1.5 ° C (Getty Images)

According to a survey earlier this month, the Great Barrier Reef could survive if global warming could be limited to 1.5 ° C. This is also the goal required by the Paris Agreement.

At COP26, signed earlier this month in Glasgow, about 200 countries have agreed to the Glasgow Climate Agreement, which will maintain 1.5C and finalize the superior elements of the Paris Agreement.

“Coral reefs have experienced their own problems as we all have, but we can still deal with them — and that gives us hope. When we get out of the pandemic, we all win. I think we have to focus on, “said Philips. This event was in close agreement with Australia’s decision to lift some of the world’s toughest Covid restrictions.

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Great Barrier Reef "Birth" at Annual Coral Spawning Event

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