Hairdresser who fatally knifed husband through the heart then carried on chopping veg for dinner is jailed for life

A HAIRDRESSER who fatally stabbed her husband through the heart then carried on chopping onions for their dinner has been jailed.

Teresa Hanson was in the middle of making a Mediterranean tart three days after Christmas when she knifed Paul Hanson, 54.


Teresa Hanson stabbed her husband to death while cooking dinnerCredit: Ben Lack

The 54-year-old then calmly carried on caramelising onions using the same bloodied blade as her husband lay dying on the floor.

Hanson has now been jailed for life with a minimum of nine years after she was convicted of murder.

The couple’s son Ryan said in a victim impact statement: “The events of December 28 have had a devastating effect on our family.

“Our mum and dad were central to everything we did.

“We spent a lot of time together as a family, usually at their home.

“We have lost our rock, the core of the family and the people who helped us to keep going.”

Sentencing, Judge John Thackray said Hanson had not “intended to kill” her husband.

He added: “I accept your evidence that Mr Hanson was your world and that you felt upon learning of his death that you too had died.

“I accept you will never forgive yourself and live with the burden of his loss for the rest of your life.”

The killer wife claimed her and Paul had been arguing at home in West Cowick, East Yorkshire, when the horror unfolded.

She said she lashed out after he yelled: “I didn’t f***king want tea.

“Chuck it in the f***ing bin.”

Hanson claimed she then shoved her husband of 34 years not realising she was still holding the knife.

The gran said she only discovered Paul had been stabbed when she heard their dog Kiki barking.

Hanson told Hull Crown Court: “I then turned around and saw a blood trail on the floor.”

She claimed the gruesome path led to her stricken husband, who was “purple” and “foaming at the mouth” between the living room and dining room.

In a chilling 999 call, the hairdresser told the operator she had knifed her husband “out of anger”.

She later told police: “I didn’t mean to do it, it was just an argument. I was making f****ing tea.”

Hanson also told two paramedics: “You lot are the experts. If you can save him I’ll give you £1,000 each if you can.”

The court heard the couple had spent the day drinking red wine and watching films together.

Hanson claimed her husband had been “verbally and mentally abusive” over the years during their marriage, with his behaviour worsened by a brain injury he suffered.

Detective Chief Inspector Nicola Burnett leading the investigation said: “In this case, a verbal argument spiralled out of control and as a result of Teresa’s actions that day, her husband lost his life.

“This has been an incredibly difficult investigation that has left a family utterly devastated.

“They have been through a harrowing ordeal and my thoughts remain with them today. I would please ask that their privacy be respected during this traumatic time.

“We will not accept violence in any guise and we will always do everything we can to seek justice for those who come to harm at the hands of another, and to ensure those who commit the crime are held to account for their actions.”

Hanson and Paul had been married for 34 years


Hanson and Paul had been married for 34 yearsCredit: Enterprise


She knifed her husband three days after Christmas


Hanson said she didn’t realise she was holding the knife when she pushed PaulCredit: Enterprise


She claimed her husband had been verbally abusiveCredit: Enterprise


The horror unfolded at the couple’s home in West CowickCredit: Ben Lack Hairdresser who fatally knifed husband through the heart then carried on chopping veg for dinner is jailed for life

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