Harrods throwing away plastic bags

Harrods, a luxury department store in London, has been replacing all plastic carry bags with fully recyclable paper bags since early next month.

The new Sustainable Procurement Paper Carry Bags are 100% recyclable, made from 40% recycled materials and carry an FSC label indicating that they are using responsibly procured paper.

Department stores also aim to reduce the number of bags distributed to customers by reducing carry bag consumption by 50% from pre-pandemic levels. This includes setting a goal for staff to hand out fewer bags, and completely removing all carry bags from Harrods’ food hall and signature department later this year. Instead, the staff invites the customer to buy a reusable bag of jute.

Image: Courtesy of Harrods by Joel Knight

Harrods carry bag overhaul is a step in Harrods’ broader plastic reduction program. This includes a recent step in removing all plastic packages from outbound distribution. This means that Harrods customers can now deliver their products in completely plastic-free packaging.

Harrods’ iconic green plastic shopping bag makes a sustainable makeover

Harrods also promised to remove 100% of disposable virgin plastic packages from the entire business so that all packages are 100% reusable or recyclable and contain at least 40-100% recycled content. did.

In a statement, Harrods Managing Director Michael Ward said: But unless you’re significantly reducing waste, it doesn’t make sense to switch from one material to another, especially in a business where more than 4 million bags come out of the manufacturing floor each year.

“We are determined to redefine the way we distribute bags throughout the store, encouraging our customers to participate in waste reduction by using as few bags as possible. We are proud to see customers leaving the store with their green bags, but in the future we would like to meet as few customers as possible. “

Image: Courtesy of Harrods by Joel Knight

Harrods throwing away plastic bags

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