Havant ADHD Social Media Influencers will be 58,000 from no friends

The school was traumatic. And even though Molly tried to harmonize well with her peers, she couldn’t express herself like a non-autistic child.

Instead, she simply couldn’t concentrate and was malfunctioning until she found herself on the report card every day because she didn’t pay attention.

It didn’t take long for her to be called a “naughty boy” by staff and fellow students.

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Molly broadcasts on YouTube in her studio at home. Photo: Mike Couter (221021).

“I was always in custody, so the teachers would say,’Why don’t you learn from your mistakes?’

“I worked hard to join the friendship group, but I couldn’t fit anywhere. I always had the problem of not being able to express my feelings verbally, so I expressed my feelings. We used behavior as a way to do it, “says Havant, a 23-year-old man.

Eventually, when Molly reached her tenth year, her behavior became out of control and the school couldn’t meet her needs, so he was excluded and placed in a part-time student referral unit. ..

And her suffering did not end there. After enrolling in a public services course to realize her lifelong dream of becoming a police officer, Molly was told by staff that “you don’t have to deal with childish behavior.”Doctor-Confirmed that Molly has hyperactivity disorder ADHD..

A sample artwork that is key to Molly’s online identity. Photo: Mike Couter (221021).

“How did you live your life and didn’t know about ADHD?” Said the doctor.

“I was told that I have a severe complex type (both inattention and impulsivity are present).

Molly also has ASD, an autism spectrum disorder associated with her ADHD.

Molly broadcasts on YouTube in her studio at home. Photo: Mike Couter (221021).

“I’m now taking amphetamines, a drug that increases concentration and reduces impulsivity, and it helps me every day.”

With respect to medication, Molly can control her urges, along with coping mechanisms to relieve symptoms. But when she can’t be separated from reality while being sucked into an attachment known as Hyperfix, she may still have a meltdown.

Molly soon saw the dream collapse, even when she was finally relieved about what caused the behavioral outburst.

She explains: It made me feel almost like it, my life was ruined.

“Now I can see why I struggled academically. I didn’t succeed at school because I couldn’t sit and read, not because I wasn’t bright. My ADHD was diagnosed. I’ve always had a few mistakes just because I didn’t.

However, shortly after the diagnosis, she was isolated and, in her condition alone, Molly took a leap of faith and launched a blog.

First, it was to help her understand how her mother felt as someone under the umbrella of autism. But within a few weeks, her Facebook blog, “I, Me, and ADHD,” attracted more than 5,000 followers.

Today, Molly’s social media boasts 58,000 followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Today, her platform acts as a voice to many who feel silent due to a lack of understanding of the condition.

“I just started it impulsively. I wanted to convey my feelings. I thought my mom would follow, but soon I had 15,000 followers on Facebook. Their Many are parents with young children and have experienced everything I have experienced.

“My parents gave me an insight into how my child feels,” he said. I’m that friend and sister I’ve never had before, but I thought I really needed and really helped this community. myself. ‘

Every day I receive a lot of messages like “You saved my relationship with my daughter because you gave her a voice.”

“Within six months of starting this entire journey on Instagram and Facebook, I feel like I’ve achieved everything I’ve always wanted to achieve.”

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Molly, who sells handmade mugs and ADHD-positive stickers at the Etsy shop Sticky Traits, discovered by learning more about her symptoms. She gave me tips on how to manage them and the “embarrassing” taboo topic that people tend to be shy. Away.

“I’ll talk about some things for neurotypical people who don’t have ADHD to understand. I can’t brush your teeth and have a hard time maintaining hygiene levels. , And talked about how ADHD affects your sexual life.

“It’s one of my most watched YouTube videos.

“It’s an embarrassing topic, but if you have ADHD and you don’t have a parent, sibling, or friend who has it, do you have a question in your head like” Is this normal? ” Molly also has her own book, Me, myself, ADHD..

“For me, everyone in my online community is my friend.

“When I was young, I felt very lonely, and when I was very scared and very different, I gave back to the little Molly. I gave myself that reassurance. I had nothing. I’m giving back to that little Molly. “

Why is ADHD often overlooked by girls?

Molly Brooks-Dridge talks about how attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can be overlooked in women.

“More boys than girls are diagnosed with ADHD.

“When I went to my doctor, he said that many women enter adulthood without being diagnosed because women are easier to deal with than men.

“We can internalize ADHD, but it suppresses it so much that it looks like anxiety or depression.” When I went to the doctor and went many times, I was given a sertraline antidepressant, but it never helped. Never.

“That wasn’t the reason for my actions. It’s definitely still stigmatized as a boy’s condition.

“Everything that pays attention, concentrates, etc. is unnoticed by people and is based on the brain’s ability to control emotional regulation. We cannot regulate our behavior So we internalize it.

“Sometimes called masking that people with ADHD and autism may do.” If you haven’t had the correct diagnosis, or if it helps you learn how to naturally copy and paste the environment into action.

“It’s a way that girls suffering can remain undiagnosed because they learn to hide it. It can be mistaken for mischievous behavior.

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Havant ADHD Social Media Influencers will be 58,000 from no friends

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