Health and safety fines are 142% higher than compliance costs

Construction industry average fines increased by 52% between 2016 and 2020 Shutterstock

SMEs that violate health and safety regulations can face fines 142% higher than the annual cost of compliance measures to prevent health and safety breaches, according to a study that highlights the amazing cost of non-compliance. There is sex.

An average health and safety breach fine of £ 106,984 was imposed in 2020, according to an analysis by health and safety consulting firm Arinite, but the annual cost for a small organization to meet the requirements required by law is only 44,214. It was a pound.

In 2020, 224 cases were identified and a £ 23.9 million fine was issued to the organization for health and safety deficiencies.

The service industry saw the largest increase in average fines, rising from £ 96,828 in 2016 to £ 140,768 in 2020.

According to Arnite’s analysis, the construction and services industries were sentenced to 52.6% and 36.8% imprisonment for health and safety breaches in 2020, respectively.

The average fine for the construction industry increased by 52.2% from £ 74,231 to £ 112,953, and the average fine imposed on the manufacturing sector increased from £ 112,111 to £ 129,949.

“If we don’t implement health and safety regulations, it can be devastating to businesses. Not only can we face heavy fines and imprisonment, but we can also fatally injure our employees. It’s possible, “warned Robert Winnlow, managing director of Allinite.

“To fulfill our employer’s duty of care and avoid facing financial and litigation risks, we need to develop health and safety policies and perform risk assessments.

“It’s also important to provide safety training to staff and let them know about risks in the workplace and how they are dealing with problems.“ Health if your business has more than 5 employees. And you also need to appoint a competent person in safety. You can appoint yourself, an existing employee, or a third-party company, “he added.

Health and safety fines are 142% higher than compliance costs

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