Heinz products are missing at Tesco beyond the pricing line


raftHeinz The companies behind Heinz Baked Beans and Heinz Tomato Ketchup have stopped supplying some products to Tesco, the UK’s largest supermarket, in a price dispute.

The pricing line is understood to have influenced some of the lesser-known brands in the Heinz portfolio. With low stock, sticky barbecue sauces and chicken noodle soup are more familiar British cupboard staples if the problem isn’t quickly resolved between the US FMCG giant and the UK’s largest supermarket. Can move to..

According to major trade titles, Grocer, who first reported a shortage, has seen Heinz prices rise since the beginning of June in most of the large supermarkets that stock branded goods.

Prices are rising in supermarkets as logistics problems, labor shortages, inflation and supply chain problems due to raw material restrictions are skyrocketing.

Rising food prices have helped push inflation to its 40-year high, and shoppers are already Supporting the supermarket’s own brand, cut out and select the products to buy more expensive brand products..

A Kraft Heinz spokesman said: “We are working closely with Tesco to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. In today’s harsh economic environment, where commodities and production costs are rising, many consumers are working within tight budgets. ..

“We are always looking at ways to deliver value through price, size and packs for consumers to enjoy. A product they love and trust at a price that works within budget without sacrificing quality.Confident in a positive solution with Tesco.. “

Tesco said: “We focus on keeping shop costs down every week and offer great value to our customers through a combination of Aldi Price Matches, Low Prices and Club Card Prices.

“As household pressures increase, we are more than ever responsible for ensuring that our customers enjoy the highest possible value, and we will not pass on unreasonable price increases to our customers.”

Heinz products are missing at Tesco beyond the pricing line

Source link Heinz products are missing at Tesco beyond the pricing line

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