Here’s a shiny sale: 20% off everything on the site

Ah Shiny sale It’s like a catnip for beauty lovers-not just The best glossy product Is Really Transformation for your makeup /Skin care routine, But the reason is Grossier The discount is rareIndeed, our * dream * wallet-friendly and photogenic AFGen-Z beauty brand Grossie Black Friday Sale Every year. But other than that? There is nothing. Jirchi. Nada. So it’s not surprising that the virtual GLAMOR office was armed when the news of the first (!) Glossier summer sale fell. Don’t walk towards the discounted Glossier Cloud Paint. I will do it.

This sale is called the Friends of Glossier sale and was inspired by a * small * small incident that happened a few months ago.In case you miss it, the “FRIENDS OF GLOSSIER” discount code was accidentally leaked online and the internet FrenzyPeople only had access to the code for two hours, which caused confusion on the site (and prompted the creation of interesting memes such as: this, this And this). Of course, I had to disable the code … but the team thought about how to recreate such a party.

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answer? LEGIT Friends of Glossier sale. All Glossier fans (read: you) can get all of the Glossier sites at 20% off without the need for a dedicated code. Launched today, you can get your favorite Glossier discounts. SPF50 Invisible Shield (Very good for now), Glossy cloud paint (* Added 64728 tubes to cart *) and iconic Shiny hoodie, And new and limited edition gift sets. Hallelujah. The sale starts today at noon and lasts until Monday, June 14th.

Best buy for shiny sale

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What should I buy at the Friends of Glossier sale? Keep scrolling everything that is snapping. Race shop?

Here’s a shiny sale: 20% off everything on the site

Source link Here’s a shiny sale: 20% off everything on the site

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