Higher education in Switzerland, features, advantages, costs

Higher education in Switzerland is the standard of high-quality European higher education. Switzerland has combined the university traditions of three countries: France, Germany, and Italy, and has created its own unique Swiss education system, which is now considered the most prestigious. Universities in Switzerland are included in the ranking of the best universities in the world, Swiss education is in demand by employers around the world. It also has its unique training programs that distinguish Switzerland from other European countries. The most striking example is the course of hotel and restaurant business and hospitality.

Diplomas from private and public universities in Switzerland are highly valued by employers around the world. Graduates of Swiss universities hold leading positions in international companies. However, it is not an easy task to get a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Switzerland. The assignments are quite comprehensive, so most students need some assistance like law assignment help, for example.

Studying in Switzerland has many advantages

Switzerland is associated in the world with stability, a high standard of living, reliability, and accuracy. All these qualities can be attributed to higher education in Switzerland.

Studying in Switzerland allows you to get useful contacts because the children of famous politicians, businessmen, and diplomats study here.

Switzerland is the cradle of hospitality, the world’s first hotels and universities of the hotel, restaurant, and tourism business appeared here.

A large number of luxury companies, international companies, and international organizations that accept university students for internships are concentrated in Switzerland. Students can study in Switzerland in 4 languages-French, German, Italian or English.

Swiss universities provide a diploma that is in demand by employers around the world, regardless of whether it is a diploma from a private university or a public one.

Characteristics of Higher education in Switzerland

Let’s look at the features of higher education in Switzerland from the point of view of teaching students. Education in Switzerland for international students is available in private boarding schools, where it is possible to obtain international diplomas of secondary education – A-level, IB, Matura, Abitur, etc. Swiss secondary education allows students to enroll in public universities in Switzerland for bachelor’s degree programs. Students can enroll in the master’s program based on a bachelor’s degree from any other university.

It is currently impossible to enroll in Switzerland for a bachelor’s degree at a state university after any school if the certificate does not correspond to the level of secondary education in Switzerland (12 years of study at School).

Students cannot enroll in a bachelor’s degree at a state university, but private universities in Switzerland will accept such students without a doubt. To enroll in a private Swiss university, students need to provide a certificate with a high average score and a certificate of knowledge of a foreign language. There may also be additional individual requirements of universities, which you can learn about from the universities’ websites.

Les Roches, Bluche

Bachelor’s Degree, Hotel Business Management

Bachelor Degree in Global Hospitality Management

Glion Institute of Higher Education

Bachelor’s Degree in International Hotel Business

Bachelor Degree in International Hospitality Business

Types of Swiss university programs for foreign students

Preparatory programs are offered by private universities in Switzerland. The programs are aimed at obtaining the skills necessary for studying at a bachelor’s or master’s degree program

Bachelor’s degree in Switzerland- a program lasting from 3 to 4 years is taught at public and private universities.

The Master’s degree program in Switzerland is represented either by classical state universities or private universities, most of which are prestigious business schools. The duration of the master’s degree program in Switzerland is from 1 to 2 years. Often, master’s programs have a practical orientation and include a mandatory internship.

MBA- Master of Business Administration. This program is taught in prestigious Swiss business schools that train CEOs at the international level.

The cost of studying in Switzerland

Studying in Switzerland is not cheap when it comes to private universities. The cost of studying at a Swiss private university varies from 10,000 to 30,000 Swiss francs per year. In addition to tuition, students must pay for accommodation, meals, and related expenses, which are also not cheap.

You can study in Switzerland for free at state universities. To enroll in state universities for bachelor’s programs, foreign students need to get an international or Swiss secondary education. Unfortunately, after the 11th grade of secondary school, students cannot enroll in the first year of a Swiss university

What to study in Switzerland

The most popular areas of study at Swiss universities are hotel business, restaurant management, tourism business, banking, finance, business management. The following scientific fields are popular at state universities: physics, architecture, engineering, natural sciences, medicine.

Universities in Switzerland, where it is worth getting higher education for foreigners

Professionals’ Recommendation:

Glion Institute of Higher Education

Glion, Buhl, Switzerland

Programs: Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, post-diploma programs, summer holidays

Courses: hospitality, tourism business, luxury management

Les Roches Global Education

Blusch, Switzerland

Programs: Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, post-diploma programs, summer holidays

Specialties: hospitality, tourism business, luxury management 

Institute of Finance and Management

International University in Geneva 

EU Business School 

Geneva Business School

How to enroll in a Swiss university with the help of the agency for education abroad.

If you are seriously thinking about getting higher education in Switzerland, we advise you first of all to take a free consultation with an education consultant, which will help you determine your goals, and decide on universities and training programs.



Following the entrance requirements of the Swiss university to which you have decided to enroll, the specialist prepares a package of documents and submits it to the admission committee of the university. The university decides on enrollment within 1 to 4 weeks, after which you will receive a letter of enrollment, which subsequently entitles you to obtain a student visa to Switzerland.

Advantages of admission to Swiss universities with an educational agency:

  • Individual selection of the training program;
  • Selection of the program in accordance with your requirements and preferences;
  • Enrollment is conducted by your personal manager, who accompanies you throughout the entire process, from submitting documents to the university to obtaining a visa;
  • Informational support of students during the study period.

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