Highway code changes bring two new rules and 33 updates starting this week

Starting September 14, after public consultation, 33 updates and two new rules have been added to the Drivers’ Handbook.

In the key Change Detailed steps on how to use the smart highway and how to understand the message of the overhead gantry.

This includes guidance to keep you out of the lane closed by the red X sign and information about the emergency shelter sign.

There is also new guidance on using variable speed limits to manage congestion on smart highways, and using gantry-mounted cameras to enforce these limits. Lane closure..

Two all-new rules relate to emergency shelters and breakdowns on smart highways.

Rule 270 adds images and information about the location and usage of emergency areas and how to identify them.

Rule 275 provides guidance to ensure that drivers understand the “relatively safe place” in the event of a breakdown and the safest place to stop on different types of roads. ..

Additional guidance also includes information on what to do if a car breaks down in a live lane on the freeway.

Other updates address matters such as the need for correct licenses and insurance, speed limits, ensuring vehicle nautical resistance, speed limits, lane use, and towing rules such as safe towing practices.

Jeremy Phillips, Head of Road Safety at Highways England, said:

“Thanks to the feedback from road users, we can create clearer guidance on how to use the highways and the main A road, which will make our trips even safer.

“The new version of the Highway Code can give everyone on our road the confidence that they have the knowledge and skills to move safely from A to B.”

Further code changes are planned for early next year after Transport Minister Grant Shapps confirms his next plan. Road user hierarchy It will be submitted for parliamentary approval this fall.

The plan means that “road users who can do the most harm have the greatest responsibility to reduce the dangers they may pose to others” and give pedestrians and cyclists priority at intersections. It means giving rights.

Highway code changes bring two new rules and 33 updates starting this week

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