HM Revenue and Customs imposes heavy fines for violations of Isa’s rules

Brokers face the threat of penalties for violating the rules of Individual Savings Accounts (Isa) as part of an overhaul proposed to protect their clients after the collapse of minibond provider London Capital & Finance.

Revenue and Customs Agency plans to fine and fund supermarkets that do not follow Isa’s rules because of concerns that the current system will “penalize investors primarily” for the bad behavior of brokers. Seeking proof of.

The review is as follows Collapse The minibond company LCF was put under control in 2019 after investing £ 236 million in client funds in high-risk, unregulated products.

Investor paid Over £ 100m for LCF Account It is sold as Innovative Finance Isas, a type of Isa introduced in 2016, and promises interest rates of up to 8.95%. They later discovered that even though LCF was an HMRC-approved Isa manager, the minibonds sold by LCF were unregulated and were not eligible for Isa status.

In an independent review of LCF regulation, there was a “dropout” in Isas’regulatory methods, and the Treasury last year promised “urgently” to review a system of checks and penalties for Innovative Finance Isas managers.

suggestion If HMRC, which covers all Isa, is under consideration, it will include a fine of £ 10 for each non-compliance per account multiplied by the number of relevant tax years. Alternatively, you can introduce a 1% penalty on the value of your investment in the affected account for each tax year in which the breach occurred.

For larger violations, these fines can increase to a flat rate of £ 100 or a percentage-based rate of 5%. HM Revenue and Customs is also seeking views on deterrence that does not end in penalties and whether to reduce fines for mitigation factors.

HM Revenue and Customs is seeking feedback until February. We would like to create a “latest compliance penalty system” designed to “prevent inadvertent and reckless Isa management”.

Tax authorities are concerned that the existing system will punish investors for Isa’s mistakes. Currently, if you violate Isa’s rules, all affected Isa will be invalidated and your customers may lose the benefits of the tax exemption wrapper. In most cases, HMRC seeks to recover income tax or capital gains that should be paid directly from investors.

HMRC states:

Revenues are concerned that “existing penalty schemes provide little incentive to ensure that managers update systems and processes to prevent violations of Isa regulations.”

With the current system, HMRC can also enter into a settlement agreement with Isa Manager. This is the so-called “simple void” when only a slight inadvertent non-compliance occurs. In this case, the Isa wrapper is not removed and the Isa manager agrees to pay the total to cover the lost tax. However, this solution is not available if the manager deliberately or severely breaks the rules.

However, HMRC states: This has led HMRC to question whether the current approach is robust enough to facilitate proactive compliance behavior in Isas management. “

HM Revenue and Customs imposes heavy fines for violations of Isa’s rules

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