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Hollyoaks fans wept as Brooke appeared as non-binary in the powerful scene.

HollyoaksFans wept as Brooke Hathaway (Tyran Grant) appeared as non-binary on Thursday night.

Fans have witnessed young people questioning gender identity in recent months, with the support of their new friend Ripley Lennox (Ki Griffin).

In the latest E4 First Look episode, Nancy Hayton (Jessica Fox) was confused by the news that Brooke was elected Hollyoaks High’s prom queen.

Brooke opened Ripley about the difficulties he felt about his identity, so their new friends shared the resources of a non-binary support group-and reminded them that their friends would always help. ..

When it was time for the prom, Brooke decided it was a good time to explain why they didn’t accept the title of Queen of the Prom.

Hollyoaks fans were emotional as Brooke Hasaway came out as non-binary on Thursday night.

“I don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl,” they explained. “I will not accept the title of Prom Queen tonight.”

Juliet Nightingale (Niam Blackshaw) said he only regrets Brooke’s long questioning of their identities.

“It’s hard to move your head, but as long as you’re happy, that’s it,” Imran (Iya’s Lana) assured them.

Brooke promised their friends that they would rely more on them for support as they learned more about who they really were.

Brooke Hathaway star Tyran Grant
Teens have suffered from gender identity over the past few weeks

“Honestly, I still don’t really know who I am,” they explained. “As long as I know I have a lot of you, I know I’ll get better.”

“Hey” Imran intervened. “Of course yes [good]!! “

When Brooke finally opened the door to her closest and loved one, the viewers watching at home were emotionally defeated.

Hollyoaks Ripley
Ripley Lennox has helped Brooke find himself

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Brook’s appearance was so beautiful that I’m very happy that the character I’ve been bombarding as non-binary for a long time has officially appeared as non-binary.”

Another addition: “@ Hollyoaks We are by your Brooke.”

Posted by a third party: “The broke that comes out as non-binary is very special, no, I’m crying.”

TV star Tyran Grant is also non-binary, like her character Brooke.

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Tyran Grant
Hollyoaks star Tylan Grant is non-binary

Talented youth are Fame Academy icons and vocal coaches Carrie and David Grant teenagers.

Last December, Tylan described the “greatest achievement” of 2020 as coming out as a non-binary, not just masculine or feminine gender identity.

“Coming out is probably the biggest achievement and was announced as non-binary. It’s probably one of the biggest transitions in my life and the biggest achievement,” said TV Star.

Tyran made his professional acting debut in an episode of CBBC Sitcom. It’s awkward as a Greta Master.

Earlier we talked about their role in Hollyoaks and they said: I haven’t noticed. “

Hollyoaks will air on Channel 4 Monday through Friday at 6.30, followed by the first episode on E4 at 7 pm.

Hollyoaks fans wept as Brooke appeared as non-binary in the powerful scene.

Source link Hollyoaks fans wept as Brooke appeared as non-binary in the powerful scene.

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