Horrifying Moment As Diners Flee Restaurant After ‘Sparkler Drink’ Causes Massive Flames

This is the terrifying moment when diners are forced to flee after the restaurant goes up in flames.

Shocking video posted on Social media shows the spread of fire, believed to have been started by the drink’s sparkler.


The flame is believed to have originated from a sparkler in the drink.


Diners are seen dashing for the exit as the fire blazesCredit: TikTok/@karolinahojda


Fortunately, no one was injured in this fireCredit: TikTok/@karolinahojda

west midlands Fire brigade rushed to Cafe di Milano birmingham Around 11 pm on February 4th.

Staff were able to put out the fire, and the restaurant’s sprinklers were activated before two crew members could arrive on the scene.

The fire is believed to have been caused by “a sparkler contained in an alcoholic drink ignited the wall decoration”.

No injuries have been reported.

A short clip of 13 seconds was posted tick tock This shows people grabbing their belongings and dashing towards the exit.

One of the staff members is also seen throwing water from an ice bucket onto the flames.

A fire department spokesperson said: “We were called to Café di Milano on Hurst Street at 11pm. We dispatched two crew members. The fire was out when we arrived – The staff managed to put out the fire before we got there.

“We made sure it was safe, removed everything that was unsafe, and completed the decay. The shutdown came at 11:27 pm.”


Restaurant staff were able to put out the fire before the fire brigade arrived.Credit: TikTok/@karolinahojda


Firefighters were dispatched around 11:00 last night.Credit: TikTok/@karolinahojda

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/21283041/diners-flee-restaurant-fire-sparkler-drink/ Horrifying Moment As Diners Flee Restaurant After ‘Sparkler Drink’ Causes Massive Flames

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