House Museum Reopens to Protest Over Statue of Slave Ship Owner | Museum

House Museum Reopens London On Saturday, there was a protest calling for the statue of Robert Geoffrey, the owner of the slave ship, to be removed after the Secretary of Culture intervened to keep it there.

A museum in Shoreditch, eastern London, I wanted A 17th-century merchant who built his fortune in the slave trade and a statue of the former Mayor of London is unloaded from the front of the building.

But after the charity trustee received a strong word, he decided not to do so. letter From Oliver Dowden last summer caveat A museum that “holds and explains” controversial statues.

The door to the Grade I Listed Building, formerly known as the Museum of the Home, was reopened on Saturday morning after three years of renovations, and there were calls from residents, activists, and politicians, including Labor lawmakers. .. Diahnne Abbott, That “Jeffrey must fall”.

The museum of the Home, formerly the Museum of the Home, has a statue of Robert Geffrye above the entrance. Photo: Jeffrey Museum of the Home,

In a speech outside the museum Hackney Parliamentarians confront racist protests Hackney North and Stoke Newington have accused trustee chair Samir Shah of succumbing to government pressure.

Abbott said: So I call on Samir Shah and the museum leaders to defeat this statue and listen to the community.

“As I say today, Jeffrey has to fall, so take this statue down.”

At public consultations with more than 2,000 people, the majority of respondents said they were in favor of removing the statue.

Hackney Mayor Philip Glanville said the museum’s board “turned his back not only on Hackney, but also on anti-racism, but also on their own staff.” We know that their staff does not want the statue to have its prominent place on Kingsland Road in this museum and everything it symbolizes.

“It represents centuries of blood, murder and exploitation and should not stand prominently above this museum in Hackney in the 21st century,” he added.

It comes in a growing line around controversial statues across the country, including the decision of Oxford University keep A statue of Cecil Rhodes of British imperialism at Oriel College. Despite the independent committee’s support for its removal.

In Jeffrey’s protest, singer and activist Jermain Jackman said on Kingsland Road, “I’m traumatized every time I see myself passing by, personalized, glorified and immortal. I have. “

“In one of the most diverse regions in the country, in a very diverse district, where the first black female MP was elected, Hackney still has a statue of the slave trader.”

Social critic and Windlash activist Patrick Vernon said, “The horror of the man and many others who benefited from the slaughter of my ancestors when Boris Johnson and Dauden came to the slave harbor. I want you to see it. “

On its website, the museum quotes the “new legal safeguards” of historic monuments announced in January by community secretary Robert Jenrick, adding: [ “to keep and explain” the statue] It is the only practical option for the foreseeable future. “

“We continue to consider, discuss and investigate statue options,” the board and museum added. “We have installed panels near the statues to enslave forced labor and Africans, and the statues are the subject of much debate. I admit that. “

In a statement, the Home Museum said on Saturday that it “fully supports the people’s right to peaceful protests,” and that the debate over the statue “raises an important issue.”

In addition, “The museum continues to listen carefully to all the issues raised, opening up about Jeffrey’s history on the site and online, confronting, challenging and learning the unpleasant truth of the origin of the museum’s building. It is working.

“Alongside the discussion of statues, the museum is a program of structural and cultural change transformation to become truly representative and inclusive through new galleries and exhibits, creative programming, partnerships and workforce. We are working on. “

House Museum Reopens to Protest Over Statue of Slave Ship Owner | Museum

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