How Anthony Hopkins’ NFT Premier can Transform the Film Industry’s Business Cloud


YouTubers, boxers and musicians are just a few of the celebrities trying to take advantage of the NFT epidemic.

These blockchain-based digital tokens represent ownership of another asset (digital trading cards, GIFs, physical works of art, video clips, etc.) and we believe it could be a flash-in-the-pan phenomenon. There are also people.

However, some believe that they are the future of art, thanks to transparency, the absolute ability to prove ownership, and the opportunity to develop truly groundbreaking products.

One such supporter is serial entrepreneur Cameron Chell, VUELE is being billed as the world’s first feature film viewing and distribution platform, including digitally collectable entertainment content as NFTs.

Based on Chell’s Currency Works FAn inTech platform developed in partnership with Enderby Entertainment and listed on Canada. VUELE allows fans to buy, watch and sell NFTs with behind-the-scenes content, bonus features, Q & A and souvenirs.

“In our view, NFTs are very likely to be a way to premiere a movie, even before the red carpet or theatrical release,” Shell told Business Cloud. .. “It provides very exclusive access to people who want to get the latest or collectable content.

“Like we used to collect special edition DVDs and BluRays, everything now tends to be streamed, so the advent of NFTs will prevent digital copying and allow us to recollect our own content. became.”

Chel (above) is VUELE’s 50:50 partner with Canadian Rick Dugdale, producer and director of Anthony Hopkins’ latest movie, Zero Contact. “Rick and I talked about how this fits into the film industry as a content distribution platform. We were like,” Hey, why not build a Netflix version of an NFT? ”

“It’s technically very difficult to do, and it doesn’t make sense to do it unless you have good content and a good name for your customers to launch.”

Future collectable content can be far more valuable than outtakes and alternative endings. With Zero Contact, first published on VUELE, you can enjoy a completely different version of the movie. In addition, there is a truly pioneering opportunity for fans to appear in theater releases.

“The movie was actually shot twice. It was first done with another actor. After Anthony Hopkins saw it, he said,” I love this movie-I love it. I’m going to do it! ” And they redone the whole movie at Hopkins, “Chel explains.

“The first NFT actually contains both movies. The original version will only be available on this NFT.”

Zero Contact, starring Alex Ponovich, During the early waves of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, it was produced remotely in 17 different regions and many shots were taken through the zoom. The story follows five characters from around the world who discover a secret invention by a high-tech giant played by Hopkins and work together to shut it down to provide a solution to humanity’s problems or the end of life on Earth. increase.

Two weeks ago, the fan paid 20 ETH – $ 56,860 at sale – for that NFT, displayed with dOscar winner.

“The role is in three or four scenes in collaboration with Anthony Hopkins. The whole movie is ready. This one piece is included using technology,” says Shell. ..

The next 10 NFTs sold for a total of about 13 ETH – $ 36,000 at the time of sale – It also allows owners to appear in movies, but only their NFT version, not wide releases. There is also a further level of NFT featuring exclusive content that is expected to generate more revenue before the movie hits the big screen.

“NFTs allow creators to create rarity in digital content,” continues Shell. “If I put [piece of] Digital content on the web today is copied, shared, and disappears within minutes.

“But if you do that on the blockchain, you can create a limited number of specific editions, you can’t copy them, you can track ownership, and of rights and intellectual property. You can charge a royalties, so when it comes to content delivery, it’s huge. “

Dougdale believes that the success of Zero Contact NFTs represents an opportunity to create a new film finance structure that moves forward.

Chel agrees. “Ultimately, I think NFTs represent ownership of thousands of works of art, property, cars, and racehorses. For example, in a movie, people can actually own the movie – viewing rights only. Not the actual assets themselves.

“NFTs are also the perfect ticketing platform. You and I can get tickets as NFTs. Tickets are on the blockchain and cannot be scalped or copied unless those rights are built into the smart contract. Smart If your contract allows resale, that’s fine.

“The landscape is endless.”

How Anthony Hopkins’ NFT Premier can Transform the Film Industry’s Business Cloud

Source link How Anthony Hopkins’ NFT Premier can Transform the Film Industry’s Business Cloud

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