How MOT fraud is being addressed by the government

This article focuses on the risks of MOT scams committed by some small businesses and their impact on society as well as themselves and their employees.

In the UK, all vehicles older than 3 years are legally required to undergo an annual test of their safety and functionality. This is called the MOT test. It covers everything from steering to headlights, wheels to mirrors, exhaust pipes to wipers. Given that about 30 million tests are conducted each year and only 2% of road accidents result from mechanical failures, it is natural to conclude that we are doing an effective job. ..

What is a MOT scam?

Of course, for all legal requirements, there is a temptation for a few people to try to avoid them. And unfortunately, as is becoming more and more apparent, many employers and self-employed people do.

That is a MOT scam. It is a practice to pass the certification to the car that has not actually passed the MOT test. This practice poses a risk to the general public as it increases the number of vehicles with dangerous defects on the road and thus increases the likelihood of a car accident.

Recent examples of MOT scams In the case of Jamie Smith of PontefractIssued a pass certificate to a van seized by Spanish police. The individual in question was paid to go through a fraudulent MOT. Further investigation revealed that there were multiple vehicles that no one had actually tested, including a van that was issued a MOT certificate pass by Mr Smith. Most mechanics and garage employees know better than doing this, but at the cost of living crisis, it may have been thought by some, if not yet, to do it. ..

What is the government doing about it?

The Driver’s Vehicle Standards Office is increasingly capable of checking where a particular vehicle is in the world. If the MOT certificate is issued suspiciously far from where the database is supposed to be, there is reason to investigate further.

There is also a mechanism that the general public can do Report MOT Tester Those who they suspect they have illegally overtaken or deliberately failed them in order to create more work. In many cases, this only catches MOT testers who have committed a large number of frauds.

DVSA has the authority to prosecute fraudulent MOT testers and ban testing. DVSA discovered approximately 1,324 MOT scams between 2021 and 2022. Of these, 710 were classified in the most serious categories related to fraud and negligence. This is a rough doubling of the numbers from 2017 to 2018. Also, since 2019, prosecutions have increased nine-fold. This suggests that authorities now have unprecedented power to eradicate villains.

How does this practice endanger other road users?

If the risk of driving an untested car is limited to the person who drives it, this issue becomes one of the personal choices. But unfortunately, dangerous cars share the road with others. If you hit a car that isn’t braking, you may have been involved in an accident that you could have avoided.

Fortunately, when it comes to reputable test centers, road users have many options. You can also book MOT online And get it done wherever you happen to be in the country. Before running the test process, keep your records safe and check your vehicle for any obvious obstacles.

How MOT fraud is being addressed by the government

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