How old is Adrian Lester and is the New Tricks star married?

Adrian Lester will stop by the Graham Norton Show on Friday night to promote his protagonist in the new play “Psalm.”

Due to the blockade, it will be livestreamed from the Almeida Theater this month.

But who is Adrian? What is he famous for? And is he married? Get answers to these questions and the details below …

How old is Adrian Lester?

Adrian Lester was born on August 14, 1968.

As of February 2021, this makes him 52 years old.

Adrian is one of Britain’s leading creatives (credit: SplashNews)

What is Adrian Lester famous for?

Adrian is an established English Actor Someone who has played an important role in both British and American television shows.

He played Ellis Carter in the American comedy drama Girl Friend and as Mickey Stone in the hit British series Hustle.

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You can recognize him from his role at Bonekickers, The Rook, Red Band Society, Euphoria, and more recently Lifeon. BBC One..

He has also appeared in several big-budget films such as Primary Colors and The Day After Tomorrow.

Adrian Lester Luke
The Rook Cast and Adrian (Credit: SplashNews)

Who did Adrian play in life?

Last year, Life was aired on the BBC and was successfully evaluated. Adrian played one of the protagonists as David.

While talking to the BBC, Adrian described his character as follows: “My personality is David, a lecturer in Renaissance literature and English at university.

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“He’s having a lot of trouble in his marriage and he’s suffering because of it, and he meets someone new. [Saira, played by Saira Choudhry] What made him so interested … “

Adrian and his wife Lolita (credit: SplashNews)
Adrian and his wife Lolita (credit: SplashNews)

Is Adrian married?

Adrian is married to Lolita Chakrabarti and has two daughters.

Lolita is an actress and writer. In fact, she is a hymn writer starring Adrian.

They also wrote a book together –

In this double diary, they record a year of their professional life. And they provide valuable advice to aspiring self-employed artists.

What’s next to the star?

In addition to appearing in hymns, Adrian has also appeared in Romeo and Juliet’s next television movie version.

The movie will star as Prince and will be released later this year.

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How old is Adrian Lester and is the New Tricks star married?

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