How soccer player Hal Robson-Kanu learned from sports and created a successful business

Much has happened in the five years since soccer player Thomas’Hal’Robson Kanu’s Cruyff Turn and Finish sent Wales to the Euro semifinals.

An eternally immortal strike against Belgium, a Premier League star (later named the tournament goal), drove him into the limelight in 2016.

However, the success of the highest level of football is the single thread of the bow of a former West Bromwich player.

Shortly after the (now famous) goal, Robson Kanu came up with the idea of ​​starting a business. Perhaps an interesting move for top-level athletes?

For him, it was a perfect match for his sporting career. A healthy drink that helps athletes recover from injuries.

32 years old said BusinessLive He suffered from “severe inflammation” after surgery as a teenager and was given a turmeric-based shot by his father. His father was confusing the recipe at his home in West London.

“I remember a week he took in all the raw natural ingredients we studied-and that changed my life altogether,” he said.

“It made it possible for me to have a career I had. It allowed me to recover and return to training and eventually had a very successful career.”

Shot is not a substitute for medicine-rather an herbal aid to help rehabilitation. In recent years, Robson Kanu said he has noticed a growing interest in health drinks for the recovery of sports.

“”[My father and I] We have found that there is a huge gap in the market for quality and effective options, “he said. BusinessLive.. “What was on the market wasn’t really working and wasn’t really adding value to people’s lives.”

The company (Turmeric Co) was founded in 2018 and has been booming for three years.

All drinks are manufactured in the UK and are in stock nationwide at Whole Foods, Planet Organic, Harvey Nichols and David Lloyd George.

The company is still based in London, but employs 20 full-time employees and an additional 10 specialists and consultants. It is also currently in the process of opening a new 15,000-square-foot facility near Cambridge as part of its expansion program.

The company supplies most of the Premier League clubs, including Liverpool, and is affiliated with British Premiership Rugby clubs such as Leicester Tigers and Sale Sharks, as well as sports organizations such as British gymnastics.

Turkish Co earlier this month Signed the contract At the second division club, Bristol Rovers, players and staff from the first team receive daily natural nutrition shots.

But league sports aren’t the only ones interested in Robson Kanu’s turmeric drinks. According to Sportster, his company currently has 100,000 customers, most of whom are sold directly to consumers.

“The majority of them are 35-45 years old, male and female, looking for a natural solution. That’s not all. [a drink for] “Elite athlete,” he explained.

Unlike many UK companies that were forced to shut down or reduce operations during a pandemic, Turkish Co has seen a surge in demand for its products in the last 12 months.

“The biggest challenge was the blockade of demand through the roof,” Robson Kanu said.

“We were growing 50% month-on-month at some point, but it was crazy. Managing it and not disappointing our customers is the biggest achievement and the biggest challenge in scaling. is.”

Lessons from a sports career

Hal Robson Kanu celebrates Wales score against Belgium at Euro 2016

Robson Kanu said he has taken “a lot of lessons” from sports into his business career.

“It’s not easy to get a business up and running. It’s very difficult to run a business every day, but it’s part of the journey. It’s the same with football.

“You start out as a young footballer with ambition and aspirations. To get there, you need to apply yourself consistently every day. The business is exactly the same.”

According to the stars, football preparation requires a “high level” attention to detail, especially at the top level of sports, and it’s the same in business. But he also acknowledges the importance of the team.

“Soccer is a team sport and nothing can be achieved without it. That’s what I brought from sport to business.

“As the CEO of a business, I am very aware that the team is everything and that the team will take you where you want to go.”

Robson Kanu’s advice to other entrepreneurs trying to start a business is to be “really passionate” about what they are doing because of the challenges that will undoubtedly arise. is.

He is certainly not a stranger to adversity. He had several surgeries as a teenager after a broken leg, and just last year he broke his arm in a match between West Bromwich and Southampton.

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“You consistently faces challenges.this is It’s not a quick money, “he said. “Whether it makes a difference, puts something on the market, makes something better, whatever its passion is important-and you use it in your core and for your purposes and What you have to have.

“If you have that purpose, that doesn’t mean you’ll succeed, but it does mean that you’re more likely to succeed as you face those challenges.”

Looking to the future, the company aims to expand internationally. This is described by Robson Kanu as a “major step.”

“”[It is] I’m very excited to get started, “he said. “We have a long and long roadmap, but we plan to expand into Europe and further.”

So what keeps a sports star-turned businessman motivated to run a company?

“For me, every time I see a review that describes the positive impact this range has on customers’ lives and their families, I am very proud, motivated to continue working and moving forward.”

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How soccer player Hal Robson-Kanu learned from sports and created a successful business

Source link How soccer player Hal Robson-Kanu learned from sports and created a successful business

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