How to Choose from Different Kinds of Loyalty Schemes at Online Casinos

Online casino websites offer a smorgasbord of bonuses and promotions to their players. However, as all players get to enjoy bonus offers, there are certain gifts and perks called loyalty schemes offered to a select few. The VIP players, or as casinos like to call them, High-Value Customers, get exclusive deals, enhanced reward programmes, and bigger perks with loyalty casino bonuses.

However, as there are so many loyalty programmes, it’s difficult to choose among them! Variety, as well as complex rules, make picking the right VIP system a tough decision. Here is how to choose from various Loyalty plans at online casinos in the UK.

Important Factors to Consider

Before you register and start playing at a gambling website, there are certain rules you must follow. One of them is to thoroughly check the website you are signing up for. The check should include the content offer, an inspection of the casino’s licences, banking options, and Customer Support. Once that’s complete, the next stop is the Loyalty Program and bonuses – and you can check it using the three main factors.

Let’s discuss all three loyalty casino scheme factors a bit more.


Safety is a critical point. Without a guarantee of safety, the operator might scam you, trick you, or harm you by exposing you to dangerous bonus offers that might amplify your gambling activity. This might further lead you down the rabbit’s hole, and it’s something the UK’s leading gambling authority wants to avoid.

Last year, the UK Gambling Commission introduced a new set of guidelines for VIP players. By changing the rules for VIP offers, the Commission hoped to ensure a better and safer gaming experience for High-Value Customers. Our advice is to play at online casinos licenced by the UKGC only as these operators must follow all UKGC rules, including the new HVC policy.

The Structure of the Scheme

Another thing to consider is the system that you’ll be applying for. The structure of the scheme refers to the form of the loyalty program, or better yet, the type of VIP program you are offered. The most common types are bonus shops, loyalty point systems, and invitation-only clubs.

Bonus shops entail shops where players get to exchange real money for casino rewards, cash in vouchers, and purchase promo codes. Bonus shop boosters are abundant in nature – from free spins to cash prizes and exclusive merchandise, rewards are quite creative.

On the other hand, invitation-only clubs are exclusive clubs that can be joined only if the casino asks you to. One good thing about these offers is that there are typically several levels and players unlock new levels based on how much and how often they gamble. Of course, the higher the level, the bigger the perks. Finally, loyalty point collection systems include points that players gather during their playtime. Points can be acquired in a number of ways – from wagering on games to deposits and withdrawals. In most cases, a certain number of points unlocks a new benefit for the player.

Before you sign up, make sure you are familiar with the structure of the scheme and it suits your needs perfectly.

The Perks

And the final thing to look for is the type of benefits you get. Is the loyalty scheme slot-oriented or are there special bonuses for table games? DO you get access to exclusive events such as invitation-only casino tournaments? What else would you want to get when you reach a certain VIP casino level? The best loyalty casino sites listed on offer them all!

Most gambling websites have a unique set of perks for their HVCs but said unique perks might not be what you want. That’s why it is vital you go through the benefits and inform yourself of the full program before signing up. And if you like what you see, don’t sign up until you establish that the casino is safe, licenced, and monitored by the UKGC (or other reliable gambling authorities).


The UK Gambling Commission is fully aware of the risks players run when they get Loyalty Schemes. It’s one step from banning them altogether, but the UKGC gave operators a chance to rectify the harm by going back to the drawing board and creating different, more transparent and responsible loyalty schemes. As a result, gambling operators must follow strict rules and offer only fair loyalty schemes which do not harm the HVC players.

On the other hand, the players have a responsibility to keep themselves safe as well. The best way is to be aware of the type of casino that they are joining and choose only safe loyalty plans that exist in the gambling realm.


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