How To Choose the Best Betting App

In 2022, betting online has become the dominant way to gamble. Bookmakers were forced to close stores during lockdowns and mobile apps have become the main way to place a bet. With this in mind, it’s worth assessing what the best apps to use are. The best betting apps Ireland, for example, have a combination of good customer service, many betting markets, and good promotional offers.

The issue is that some are better in some areas than others, and those attributes may be of varying importance. So, this article will look at the different things to consider when choosing a betting app to help make the right decision.


The main thing is to ensure the app you choose has all of the markets that you’re interested in. So, football fans have it easy, but if you enjoy watching Cage Warriors (UK MMA), you may struggle to find a bookies that take bets on this. So, round up the must-have markets and rule out the bookies that do not accommodate them. It’s also worth checking which betting types are offered, as some apps have more creative bets on offer than others.

The App design

This is a subject thing, so it may be worth downloading a few and trying them out. However, you can use the user reviews on the App/Play store to gauge whether there are clear bugs with the app and if the user interface is enjoyed by the masses. It’s important not to just rely on the betting website and assume their app will be just as good!


There’s no denying that a big part of what makes online betting attractive is the promotional offers. Sign-up bonuses, free bets, boosted odds… these are things seldom found in high street bookies. There’s no shame in exploiting these, but make sure they’re not the sole cause of your bookies choice. Instead, let it be a deciding factor between one’s you’re torn on.


This may not matter to some, but it could be important whether the app has live video streams of games, statistics on the match page, and other features that enhance the experience. Of course, these are things you can find elsewhere, but having things centralised to one app is certainly a benefit.

Customer Support

Customer support is a very important aspect of choosing your app, but it often goes overlooked. Day-to-day, it may bear no relevance, but the one time you need customer service, it’s often urgent. For example, your account has been suspended or you don’t understand the terms of your bonus. These are the instances where you will have wished you researched if the customer service is any good or not.


Finally, make sure that the app you opt for has competitive odds. You may be under the impression that all bookmakers use the same software and have the same odds. This is half right, but not always. You should go a step further and compare the odds between the bookies in the markets you’re interested in.

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