How to Collect Online Casino Bonuses

It is known by many that almost all online casinos give out bonuses, as these rewards are one of the best ways to encourage players to continue playing classic and unique casino games on the website. Bonuses are commonly used to play rounds of poker, blackjack, roulette, and other casino games for free, although the players will still get the normal or regular rewards even if they didn’t deposit or bet money. So, bonuses are great to use if players want to play and win more games while also spending less cash.

There are many methods to collect different kinds of bonuses in online casinos, like at Cool Cat Casino. But, most beginners in the world of online gambling are not really familiar with these methods, so they don’t have an idea that they can get free bonuses from doing easy or simple tasks on the casino site. If you want to learn about the different online casino bonuses, we are here to provide a list of those bonuses and a brief tutorial on how to get each of them. So, without further ado, let us get started with the tips on how to collect more online casino bonuses.

Sign-Up or Create an Account

One of the easiest ways to get casino bonuses is to sign-up or create an account on your preferred online casino website. Once you create an account, you will be notified by the website or through email that you can redeem the “welcome bonus” as a thank you gift for signing up. There are some casino sites that would allow you to use the welcome bonus immediately after signing in for the first time, but most casino sites require you to deposit money first before you can utilize the said bonus.

Deposit Money to Your Account’s Wallet

Besides creating an account, another easy way to get bonuses is to deposit money to your account’s digital, which you will most likely do since you need the deposited money to play online casino games. Most online casinos, like Raging Bull Casino, offer a “deposit” that has an amount equal to a small percentage of the money you deposited. For example, if you have deposited about $50 and you use a 10% deposit bonus, you will be given an extra $5 in your wallet as the bonus itself. But, there are a few casinos that provide a fixed amount for deposit bonuses, so it doesn’t matter how much you deposit to your wallet if you are given this kind of online bonus.

Refer a Friend

Another method to collect bonuses is to refer a friend, which means that you would need to invite a friend or a family member to create an account on your preferred online casino. Some online casinos would provide you with a code that you will then give to the people that you referred to the casino site. This code would then be registered by your loved ones as a sign that you are the one that referred them to the website.

After they have created an account, a “referral bonus” would automatically be included in the list of bonuses that you own. Not a lot of online casinos give out referral bonuses, so review the list of bonuses they provide to players so that you will know what you will get before you create an account.

Become a VIP Member

If you have been a loyal casino player to one online casino for months or years, then you may have already been offered to become a member of that website’s VIP program, also known as the loyalty program. The VIP program consists of players that have played hundreds or thousands of times in only one online casino, and this program would usually have exclusive bonuses and rewards. So, if you want to get bonuses that you don’t normally find as a regular player, you should play in your preferred online casino for much longer to get a chance to become a VIP member.

Just Keep Playing

The simplest method of getting casino bonuses online is to just keep playing, as casino sites often reward players that have played their games continuously, which is why there is a VIP program. By playing more games, you will get different kinds of bonuses for free, such as free spins that you can use for online slots and a no deposit bonus that doesn’t require you to deposit money to redeem. Keep playing, and some rewards and bonuses will already be given without you even noticing.

So, these are just some easy-to-follow tips on how to collect casino bonuses on online casinos. As we have said previously, before you make an account on a certain online casino, make sure that you do some research first about their bonuses, as the rewards that they may give may be fewer or more than what most online casinos can provide.

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