How to deal with the stress of a job interview

So you finally landed an interview on yourself for your dream job.

All possible, you may be a little worried about the big day (see: Fear) Interview nightmare Play in your head.

“What if I forget everything I learned when asked?” “What if I stumble on the way?” “If I get lost on the way, I forget my umbrella and get soaked and somehow lose my shoes. Do you want? ”

OK, these May This is an unlikely scenario. But that doesn’t stop you from worrying.

Already covered How to deal with stress during job hunting.. But here are some of the best ways to fight the nerves of an interview, and to ensure that you are confident, calm and gathered (and / or dry) on your big day. …

Relax, breathe and take your time

Simply put, an interview is a terrifying test. But anxiety is inevitable, but it can be controlled with a few simple words – breathing. relax. And repeat.

Keep this in mind and pay attention to you Body language (Keep eye contact, sit straight and make sure you resist the urge to fidget) Slow your speech and give yourself time to ponder your answers before you say them Please take. Pausing thinking is always a good idea.

It is also important to focus positively to help you relax. I was invited to an interview for some reason. You obviously did something right.The good news is that they already like you, Troublesome interview moments Anyway, what could go wrong?

(Worst scenario) There are many ways to take even if you are not offered a job Interview refusal A great opportunity to learn and improve.

Job interview technique

How to prepare for a job interview

Nail the answer to your interview

Many people make the mistake of trying to “make it a wing” when it comes to interviewing.

However, even if you feel that the “wild risk taker” approach is best for you, struggling to answer unprepared questions has no effect on your stress level. More importantly, it doesn’t give you a job.

Avoid annoying silence by preparing a potential answer a few days in advance. That way, you will have a clear head enough to save all your newly discovered knowledge, and all you have to worry about the eve is a quick refresh and an early night.

Not sure which question will come up? Don’t panic. We can help you too. Download James Reed’s best-selling books “Why you” For answers to 101 of the most common questions that may come up now.

General interview questions and answers

5 Interview Questions You Should Stop Fearing

Think of an interview as a conversation, not an interrogation

Interviews are as often as knowing if you are good Fits the company They are about skills and experience. So instead of focusing on everything Difficult interview questions Don’t underestimate the importance of compatibility.

With this in mind, try to act naturally while maintaining a level of professionalism. Avoid giving out a series of memorized interview answers. Instead, remember at least five skills or areas of experience that make you fit for that role and try to incorporate them into your answer naturally.It’s also a good idea Investigate the company Thoroughly before the interview.

After all, this is a two-way conversation, not an episode of Question Time. And let’s face it, no one wants to interview the robot.

But there are also such things Too natural. Friendly chats to get to know each other are fine, but you probably shouldn’t yet share intimate details about your upcoming origins.

Types of interview questions

Remember that the interviewer is actually a human being

Forget the procedure and remember. Interviewers are actually humans *, so maybe they too are nervous. Imagine them as fortresses with no doubt of professional perfection, which is often the source of most of the interview jitter and can be avoided.

Remember: Your interviewer often knows so that the interviewee can understand that he is a little worried that day. They also understand that people sometimes make mistakes, so they don’t judge you if you slip once or twice as a result of nerves.

The same is true Video interview.. Interviewers are generally quite sympathetic to the slightest technical toothing problems and possible interruptions, as most people are still accustomed to this new medium.

However, there are restrictions. Everywhere over 100, you may be yourself …

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4 secrets that the interviewer does not tell

Don’t overdo it with your caffeine intake

Drinking about 17 mugs of coffee just before the interview may seem like a great idea at the time, but caffeine overload can often have the opposite effect and make you tremble more than ever. There is sex.

Face it, the last thing you want is to desperately fidget in front of your interviewer while they assume they’re simply not interested enough in the role you focus on.

Caffeine can also increase your heart rate and add to the “sweaty palm syndrome” (definitely real). Probably something you don’t want to be amplified.

Instead, take an early night on the eve of a big day and make sure you’re completely rested and well, without being overly dependent on your drink. Remember: Energy drinks are not your friends.

Bonus added: You can spend more time in bed.

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Weaknesses of job interviews

Final Thoughts on the Stress of Job Interviews

The main thing to remember about staying calm during an interview is not feeling stressed about feeling stressed. Otherwise, it will only increase stress.

As long as you did enough Preparing for the interview In advance, and if you follow these simple tips for the day, we are confident that the fear of an unreasonable interview will be a thing of the past.

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* This may vary from interview to interview

How to deal with the stress of a job interview

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