How To Get 2022 Outlaw Music Festival Tickets

Are you looking to explore some bluesy, honky-tonk renegade country music? Well, if you are, we’re here to help! Here’s how to get Outlaw Music Festival tickets for the upcoming 2022 edition.

Rooted in the Outlaw Movement of the 70s and 80s, the Outlaw Music Festival is an annual event headlined by the legendary Willie Nelson. The months-long concert tour features performances from Nelson along with his talented entourage of friends and family.

Uncover the true grit of country this year with tickets to the 2022 Outlaw Music Festival.

Outlaw Music Festival: Brief History & What To Expect

The first Outlaw Music Festival was held on September 18, 2016. The event had prominent country artists like Neil Young, Sheryl Crow and Chris Robinson Brotherhood perform alongside Nelson.

In collaboration with Blackbird Presents since its inception, today, the Outlaw Music Festival also has Live Nation as its event partner. It means you can expect the festivities to be well-organized, with a good number of reliable resources providing information and coverage of the event.

The most recent Outlaw Music Festival was from August to October 2021. Besides the usual Nelson & family, it featured The Avett Brothers, Ida Mae, Gov’t Mule, and Lucinda Williams.

Tickets to the event were made accessible by May 2021. And with some informed guessing, we’re expecting them to be up for grabs for the 2022 festivities around the same time.

Stay steps ahead from other concertgoers by following our guide to scoring the best Outlaw Music Festival tickets.

How To Get Your 2022 Outlaw Music Festival Tickets

Scoring Outlaw Music Festival tickets is easy. All you need to get started is a device with a stable internet connection and your card details. Once you’ve got that sorted, the rest is a walk in the park.

Let’s begin.

Step 1: Check Out The Event Schedule

The schedule for the Outlaw Music Festival will be published on multiple online platforms. You can find it on the ticket seller’s or artist’s official website or on music information websites and magazines.

If you’re not good at keeping yourself updated about things, sign up for a newsletter on one of these platforms. It’ll ensure you receive timely notifications on upcoming music events whenever there’s one.

Finding out which date you want to get tickets for is crucial. There are hordes of competitors vying for the same tickets, and you wouldn’t want to risk things by being late.

Step 2: Find A Ticket Seller

First, find a reliable ticket seller. You can either access them directly from your browser or download their unique app.

The two broad kinds of ticket sellers available are those on the primary and secondary markets. The former are ones that are officially linked to the artist/event, and the latter, where tickets are resold.

The pros of getting tickets from a primary seller are authenticity, fixed rates, and guaranteed seats. The con is that tickets disappear in a jiffy on these platforms.

As for secondary sellers, you can get tickets that appear to be sold out on primary platforms. The con is they’re likely to be overpriced or even inauthentic.

However, it isn’t necessarily the case today, with many reliable resellers popping up. These are regulated and checked with a cap on interest rates, so it’s certainly worth giving them a shot.

Step 3: Know Your Seats

When you’re confused about what seats you want to get, chances are the best ones are already taken. Moreover, even upon selecting seats, you will only be allowed a limited window to conclude purchases. If you can’t come to a decision within the given time, your tickets will be handed to the next customer.

To avoid such a catastrophe, check out the layout of the venue where the event will be taking place. You can find seating charts for major venues on almost all ticket seller platforms. There’re even 3-D ones that’ll give you the most realistic experience.

Know exactly what seats you’re getting to purchase tickets for them immediately the moment the sales go live.

Step 4: Be On Time For The Sales

Once you know when the tickets will be put up for sale, be there on the concerned platform on time. It could be at a general sale or a presale.

The Outlaw Music Festival is getting bigger each year, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get the best tickets unless you’re early.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not the first in the waiting room. But be there before the countdown begins for a chance at your favorite seats.

Step 5: Successfully Conclude Purchases

For a successful purchase, make sure you have your card details at hand. If there are special promo or discount codes you can apply, keep them ready as well. Select the seats you want and pop them in when prompted.

Ticket sellers request email details as well. This is so they can send your e-tickets to you soon after purchase. Once you furnish them with all the mentioned information, your work is done. Expect to have your Outlaw Music Festival tickets in a matter of minutes.

2022 Outlaw Music Festival Presale

Ever heard of a presale? If you’re someone who doesn’t want to contend with buyers at a general concert ticket sale, you’ll benefit greatly from presale events. These happen a few days or hours before the main live sale and for a relatively smaller number of customers.

Although the ticket inventory at presales can be quite unpredictable, people often opt for such events to avoid not bagging any tickets at all at a general sale. Moreover, making reservations and other preparations is much easier with extra time.

You can sign up for an Outlaw Music Festival Presale on any authorized ticket seller that’s offering them. The purchase process is the same as any regular ticket.


Getting Outlaw Music Festival tickets is easy when you know how to find and purchase them. Try out our easy-to-follow guide when you hear word of the upcoming outlaw festivities in 2022!

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