How To Get Tickets For Taylor Swift’s UK Eras Tour As London Access Codes Are Sent Today


Thousands of fans managed to get tickets in advance Taylor SwiftEras tour earlier this week.

The registration period for The Eras tour tickets has unfortunately ended, but starting Monday, July 17th, Swifties who register for general sale access will have the chance to purchase tickets.

By the end of the day, those who have registered will know if they have been selected to receive an access code. Event promoter AEG said not everyone who registers will be successful, with a “limited number” of people getting codes and the rest being placed on a waiting list.

Where will Taylor Swift perform on the Ellas Tour?

Swifty is doing well trip Set to play 115 concert. It will start in March this year and will end in August next year.

Following the announcement of additional dates on Tuesday, the full list of UK venues and dates for 2024 is below.

Friday 21st June — Wembley Stadium, London

Saturday 22nd June — Wembley Stadium, London

Friday 7th July — BT Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh

Saturday 8 July — BT Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh

Friday 14th July — Anfield Stadium, Liverpool

Saturday 15 July — Anfield Stadium, Liverpool

Tuesday 18th July — Principality Stadium, Cardiff

Thursday 15th August — Wembley Stadium, London

Friday 16th August — Wembley Stadium, London

Saturday 17th August — Wembley Stadium, London

Taylor began her US tour dates in March. Forbes estimated ticket and merchandise sales at $1.9 billion (£1.5 billion).

How can I get tickets?

General sale is for registered fans only. This means that only someone with an access code can buy a ticket at the selected city sale.

Tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last.

Screen for ticket registration

/ Ticketmaster / Taylor Swift

Ticketmaster sternly pointed out that registration does not guarantee access to sales on demand.

“A limited number of fans will be able to participate in the sale, others will be placed on a waiting list,” the website says.

“Tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are not picked first, you will be put on a waiting list and may receive an invitation if more tickets become available.”

When will I receive my access code?

If you’re one of the lucky ones to receive an access code, you’ll receive an email before tickets go on sale. Information you want to know such as the start time of the sale is described.

AEG said everyone who registered will receive an email from Ticketmaster or AXS by 11:59pm on Friday (July 14) confirming their pick/wait list status.

Tips for getting Eras tour tickets

Make sure your account is correct

To minimize stress, it’s worth making sure your Ticketmaster account is monitored to make the buying process as effortless as possible. Please enter all details into your account, especially payment information, before the ticket is published.

In that respect, Swifty cleverly eliminates multiple payment methods. Cards and PayPal usually have a double effect, and if one doesn’t work you can resort to the other, thereby saving your precious space. Queue up without worrying about finding a second card.

Check when tickets go on sale

To make the event even more exciting, tickets for different locations will be sold at different times, so be sure to set timers and email notification alerts on important days.

These days are:

  • London: Tuesday 18 July 2023, 2pm
  • Edinburgh: Wednesday 19 July 2023, 2pm
  • Liverpool: Wednesday 19 July 2023, 2pm
  • Cardiff: Wednesday 19 July 2023, 2pm

When the big day comes…

Banzai! You can pre-register, wait for the day, and click the link to access the ticket sales website. Unfortunately, you’ll need to get these tickets (be prepared to wait about two hours to get to the page), but there are a few ways you can maximize your chances.

Notice the numbers. The goal is to see the numbers in the queue, not the generic “10,000 people ahead of you” message. Once you see the actual number (say, 200), you’ll probably be on the page within a few minutes, giving you time to get ready and start the hands-warming exercise.

Please do not refresh the page. It’s tempting, but it only pushes you further back in the line and you have to wait longer (which can ruin your chances of getting a ticket).

Always use one browser. You might think it’s a good idea to keep multiple tabs open to maximize your chances of queuing, but this comes with risks. You are more likely to lose your place in the queue or not complete your payment.

Taylor Swift tweeted a tour poster announcing new dates in South America, Asia, Australia, Europe and the UK

/ Ian West / Pennsylvania

What will Taylor Swift show off?

The show has little resistance, and you can see Swift cramming in over 40 songs. Each show features different acts representing different albums.

This was the setlist for her show in Glendale in March.

Act One – Lovers

  • Miss Americana and the Broken Prince
  • cruel summer
  • the man
  • need to calm down
  • mistress
  • archer

Act II – Fearless

  • Fearless
  • You are mine
  • love story

Act 3 – Evermore

  • damn season is here
  • willow
  • Marjorie
  • problem with champagne
  • accept it

Act 4 – Reputation

  • …are you ready?
  • delicate
  • don’t blame me
  • look what you made me do
  • Act 5 – Speak Now
  • enchantment

Act 6 – Red

  • twenty two
  • we are never ever getting back together
  • i knew you were trouble
  • All to Well (10 Minute Version)

Act 7 – Folklore

  • Seven (Interlude Reading) / Invisible String
  • betty
  • last great american dynasty
  • August
  • adultery
  • the ricochet of my tears
  • cardigan

Act VIII – 1989

  • style
  • blank
  • shake it off
  • wildest dreams
  • bad blood

Act 9 – Acoustic Set

  • first surprise song
  • 2nd surprise song

Act X – Midnight

  • lavender haze
  • anti hero
  • midnight rain
  • vigilante shit
  • bejeweled
  • mastermind
  • karma How To Get Tickets For Taylor Swift’s UK Eras Tour As London Access Codes Are Sent Today

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