How to Make Google Love Your Website?

Google is not just intelligent, but exceptionally so. Moreover, it often comes out as harsh. Recent changes to Google’s algorithms, crawling, and indexing regulations have made it very evident that specific guidelines must be adhered to if a website is to achieve high rankings. Some methods exist to rank higher, but Google and other search engines are becoming wise to them and blacklisting websites that employ such methods. If you are looking for a professional website development company than you can contact Web Development India with talented team of website developers and web designers.

If you want to stay at the top of search engine results pages for an extended length of time, you need to implement organic search engine optimization into your eCommerce website building project. While black-hat methods may initially increase site visits and search engine rankings, they ultimately lead to a far larger loss since Google may permanently blacklist the offending website. Here are some ethical SEO strategies that will have search engines raving about your site.

There should be more stuff, and a lot of it should be original.

Following recent algorithm changes at Google and other search engines, content is now the primary determinant of a site’s position in search results. Not-so-frequently-updated websites are falling in the search engine ranks. When Google’s crawler visits your site, it’s looking for fresh material. The crawler may wait longer between visits if no new content has been added. Nonetheless, it will come back quicker to index the fresh content. Some websites, such as newspapers, blogs, and message boards, are crawled many times every day.

The fact that Google is now so stringent about copyrights and duplicate content is another factor to think about. Search engine giant Google has made it plain in previous revisions that it would provide higher rankings to websites that have unique, genuine, and interesting information. If you must replicate text, you must properly attribute the original source by either quoting it or using tags. Google really prefers unique material versus duplicated pages when determining a site’s relevance.

Develop a webpage that loads quickly.

Users care just as much as Google does about how quickly a page loads. Websites that take too long to load may not be crawled as frequently by search engine spiders and bots because of this.

Make a sitemap and upload it.

One might easily grasp this. For safety’s sake, you should always have a map with you whenever you go for a drive in an unknown area. Your sitemap will act as a road map for both users and search engine spiders. Having a sitemap is now essential for any eCommerce website development project if you want to take advantage of modern SEO practises. Crawlers are better able to locate and index all of your material because of this.

Take use of Google’s Webmaster Instruments

Through the use of Google’s webmaster tools, you may manage and track your site’s visitors. To control how thoroughly Google crawls your site, use the tools provided. As an excessive amount of crawling might cause your servers to run slowly. Use this tool to restrict the frequency of bot visits.

Typically, Google will optimise your site automatically and determine how often it will crawl your site for you. Depending on the nature of your site and the regularity with which you update it, you may want to let Google make the call.

Verify Your Machines

Websites that are hosted on dedicated servers require regular maintenance checks to ensure that visitors to the site do not encounter any issues. Modern search engines place a premium on quality assurance; if a website or server consistently produces faults, Google may stop paying attention to it. Several online resources are available for doing such an audit.

Get inbound links.

This is another crucial aspect of search engine optimization for every eCommerce website development project, alongside content and quality assurance. Let’s put it this way: Google currently assigns positions to websites using a complex algorithm that takes into account a wide range of criteria. One of these elements is the quantity of links leading to your site. What a backlink does is act as a recommendation for future employment. A more credible recommendation is made by a website with a better PR that provides the backlink. Get started blogging by penning SEO-optimized content for authoritative websites. Keep in mind that the quality and popularity of these postings might have an impact on your SEO strategy. More and more people are engaging with interactive information, which is a big plus for Google and other search engines. There are many Website Development  Agency in USA with good web developers and designers who are skilled and professional  to develop custom web application.

To make use of social media

Sharing your material on social media is a fantastic strategy to increase your site’s exposure. Users of your social networking accounts (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, etc.) will be able to view and engage with the material you’ve posted on other sites. Social media marketing are an integral part of every eCommerce website development process. It’s also a simple way to get customer feedback and put your company in touch with them directly.

One last thing: join Google+

The Google social network is called Google+. Given its affiliation with the world’s most popular search engine, Google+ deserves your attention and participation. Google’s desire for real-time information was a driving factor in the development of this social network. In this way, the Google+ information you share is more likely to get indexed quickly or instantly.

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