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BTwo legs are waiting under my elastic waist pants (can we go back to hard? I swear NO).My heating is off, my scarf is stored, and within a few days my winter pins will definitely show up, drift in my skirt and be ready to shake Glastonberry Macca..

Little noticed by others’ feet, but themselves (naturally paste-like, highly venous, visibly flaky when left to the genetic will) are upscaled towards spring. Knowing that, preparations are on track.

From regular body lotion about 3 weeks ago Palmer Retexture & Renewal Body Lotion (£ 6.99). This is a new, re-prescribed version of the product formerly known as the Anti-Aging Formula, which stinks as much as its predecessor (which is not particularly suitable for sex night applications). ), It is even more effective for deforming limbs after winter. Indeed, it took 3-4 nights to smooth the surface of my shin very dramatically. Perhaps it took only a few more days (if you plan to wear a strapless wedding dress this summer) other than eradicating the hardened goose bumps on your upper arm, run – don’t walk – to buy it. ).

There are other lotions that work as well ( Paula’s choice, Copali When Improve Everything is excellent), but not at this price. Its fairness actively encourages the extravagant daily applications needed to shape the skin. If you can’t stand the scent of lactic acid for a long time, Beauty KinGreat, eco-friendly Exfoliating body bar (£ 11) Foam, remove dead skin cells in the bath, leave almost no remaining foam, leaving only a smoother, silky shine (although I admit that it was also layered on the body lotion).

There are also versions for other skin types, including a salicylic acid bar that is very good for spot-prone bodies. I admire people who remain milky white all year long, but also accept that I simply look good with artificially created colors.It’s easy to do with fake glow until summer, but a plausible subtle start Garnier’s summer body lotion (£ 6.49), this is second to none in performance and price. After taking a shower, apply to all dry skin (it is recommended to prime very dry areas such as elbows with a slightly plain body cream to avoid overdrinking the color). time.

How to prepare your feet for the summer – without breaking the bank | Beauty

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