How to prevent Universal Credit from stopping prior to major recipient changes

Under the current system, anyone who receives benefits and works at least 9 hours does not need to attend a regular appointment at the job center, but this minimum requirement will soon be 12 hours.

To prevent Universal Credit payments, recipients must make sure they are attending a meeting with a “work coach”

Recipient Universal credit Under the new rules announced today, they will have to work longer or attend meetings with “work coaches” in order to continue to receive profits.

Under the current system, those who receive benefits and work at least 9 hours do not need to attend regular appointments at the Job Center.

However, according to the comments of the Minister of Labor and Pensions Terry’s CoffeeThis will soon be 12 hours.

In an interview with TelegraphMs. Coffey did not reveal a specific date, but said the changes would be made “immediately.”

In addition to this, she said she believes that if the Treasury ends up paying more work coaches, it can “go further” in the second phase of the change.

Coffey said the changes would be made “immediately”, although he didn’t give a specific date.



Earlier this month, the Minister talked about extending the cut-off point for working hours required to eliminate the need for benefits claimants to attend visits with “work coaches” to at least 12 hours.

To prevent Universal Credit payments, recipients need to make sure they are attending the meeting. This is because payments are often cut or stopped altogether due to no shows.

Ms. Coffey’s confirmation that this change would proceed was part of the government’s promotion to fill vacancies and reduce the number of unemployment benefits.

This is because the UK recorded a high level of job openings in May, rising to a record 1.3 million unemployed. This was an increase of 20,000 from the previous quarter.

Meanwhile, the number of unemployment allowance recipients reached 5.3 million in November last year.

Benefits lawmakers have sought to take the vacancy positively, based on the idea that it could be related to the Prime Minister’s lifting of Covid restrictions last year. She also noted that the unemployment rate was at its lowest level since 1974.

The number of people receiving leave allowances in November last year reached 5.3 million.


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She recently revealed that nearly 500,000 job seekers lost profits and got jobs in less than six months.

Faced with the claim that 12 hours of work a week should not be enough to reduce the claimant’s responsibility to find more, Ms. Coffey expresses her desire to “get down to the first bit.” Did.

“By itself, about 120,000 people will come [into the work coach system].. If you can get started and take it in even a little bit, it will be a good stepping stone, “she said.

Universal credit This is a merit claimed by about 6 million people in the UK.

The amount you can get It depends on your life arrangements, employment, and your situation, including the income and savings you have.

Your situation is assessed monthly, which means your universal credit will fluctuate.

Payments can be reduced for a variety of reasons, including rejecting jobs or failing to renew payments such as working hours.

A Significant changes to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) The January policy has reduced the time given to job seekers to find a job in the area of ​​their choice.

Previously, you were given three months to find a role in the sector you wanted to join.

However, the three-month period was shortened to one earlier this year. In a statement, the government said, “After four weeks, plaintiffs who refuse to expand their job hunting, attend interviews, or take paid jobs in roles other than their desired field may be subject to sanctions. “.

Currently, the standard allowance is £ 265.31 for singles under the age of 25 and £ 334.91 for singles over the age of 25.

Both couples over the age of 25 can get £ 416.45 as a standard allowance, but only one of you couples over the age of 25 can get £ 525.72.

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How to prevent Universal Credit from stopping prior to major recipient changes

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