How to relieve anxiety about returning to the office

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Therapists used to call me horticultural neurosis (a compliment), but the label hasn’t been felt exactly these days.

All stories about back to work Dialed my anxiety in the office. Unlike frontline workers, I’ve been lucky enough to work remotely for the past year. But now I can’t imagine going to my office by subway. Imagine yourself in front of an elevator where a few strangers are already standing inside and waiting for me to step in, which catches my stomach. I’m looking forward to seeing my colleagues, but I’m worried that everyone else will adapt to this next stage. Immediately pandemic while I’m still paralyzed by fear.

Sian Beilock, president and cognitive scientist at Barnard College in New York, has some comforting words for people like me. The fear I’m feeling right now may be my heightened anxiety. According to her research, when people are worried about something, “most of the anxiety appears just before it happens,” she says.This was confirmed by a study that tracked changes in the subject’s brain when the subject was told they had to. Take a math test.. “We just tell them that math is coming, [and]It’s time to see the areas of the brain involved in anxiety and pain being activated, “she explains. It’s what-if you get.

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How to relieve anxiety about returning to the office

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