How to Save Money on Your Gaming Hobby

As far as hobbies go, gaming is a relatively inexpensive one. After all, some people collect supercars or own a string of polo ponies. However, reasonably priced as gaming is, that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t be saving a few pennies here and there. If you know where to look then you’ll find that there are a plethora of bargains, deals and special offers to be found. We’ve pulled together some of the best bargain-hunting tips for you so that you can get maximum bang for your buck when it comes to gaming.

Always Check For Casino Bonuses

If you enjoy playing casino games, then one of the simplest ways to save a little money, or at least make your play money stretch further is to always look out for the latest casino bonuses. There’s huge competition amongst casino sites to get you to try out the games that they have on offer. To get you to pick their site over one of their competitors, the simplest way is to offer you a bonus for signing up. This could be anything from free spins, which are great for players who enjoy slots games, to deposit match bonuses, which put into your play wallet the same amount that you deposit, effectively doubling your money to play with. Deals like these mean that you can play for longer with the same amount of money, so they’re perfect if your gaming budget is running a little low one month.

Stick It Out Until Sale Time

Year in, year out, games and gaming accessories go on sale. So many of us are suckered into buying full-priced games, only to find them slashed to half price a week later. It’s the most annoying thing and it needn’t happen. The first thing to remember when working out when things are going to go on sale is the time of year. Just after Christmas and stretching throughout January, lots of big retailers have sales to clear old Christmas stock that didn’t sell. They also know that money can be tight at that time of year, so they cut their prices. Interestingly, this year some retailers are cutting prices before Christmas too, but don’t count on that for everyone! Around Black Friday and Cyber Monday are also good times to look for deals. If you’re nowhere near either of those occasions then sign up for notifications on a provider like Steam, which throws big sales every month or so.

Sign Up To Test Games

Finally, if you just can’t wait to get your hands on the latest releases then, well, don’t. All games go through testing stages. Some developers do it all in-house, but some ask the general public (that’s you) to do it for them. You can sign up to become a beta-tester for these new releases, meaning that you get access before everyone else. Better still, it’s almost always free. There are bound to be some glitches in the game and it’s likely there’ll be some content missing, but you can’t complain with a price tag like that.


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