HPD Lendscape running Rabobank

HPD Lendscape, a leading secure financial technology vendor, today announced that Rabobank, the second largest bank in the Netherlands, has welcomed its first customer to its secure lending solution, Lendscape.

HPD Lendscape’s secure lending technology helps Rabobank streamline its lending process and support its customers while enabling Rabobank to strengthen customer relationships and expand its financing solutions. Rich in features, fully customizable, and built with agility in mind, the latest version of Lendscape allows banks to create more personalized digital products with an intuitive user experience.

Getting the solution up and running required an agile approach that relied on close collaboration and clear communication. Louise Burham, Senior Business Analyst at HPD Legendscape, believes this approach has led to the success of the project.

“Being agile allows us to work much faster and address the challenges that arise,” says Burnham. “We are working on a monthly release cycle to quickly provide banks with new features and enhancements. In addition, banks benefit from being familiar with the product very early in the project. This is a much more transparent process and actively supports the activation of changes. “

“We are pleased with the success of the project, which relied on a collaborative approach after a rigorous selection process,” said Kevin Day, CEO of HPD Legendscape. “Lendscape’s best-in-class technology not only meets both the bank’s current and functional needs, but also simplifies the process and provides a superior customer experience.”

HPD Lendscape running Rabobank

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