Hunger Game: How Jimmy Anderson Dodged a Long List of Bowling Victims | England v New Zealand 2021

“WIs the hat a secret? Nasser Hussein asked Jimmy Anderson Before the start of this test. “Most of it is luck,” Anderson told him. “I was born with a body that can withstand the pressure of bowling.” Since my test debut in May 2003, the rest have been “hungry” and eager to improve every day for the past 6,596 days. Meanwhile, he played 162 games, pushing him to the top. Liszt, one step ahead of his great companion Alastair Cook. Luck and hunger. Judging from the long list of high-speed bowlers England has selected in test cricket over the last 17 years, it’s a short answer to the question that there are many answers.

That first summer, in 2003, England also made its debut with Richard Johnson. Richard Johnson won 16 wickets in three tests before his career was ruined by continued knee injuries. And another to James Cartley, who won the match man in his first game before he was forced to modify his behavior after being accused of chucking. And Kabir Ali was considered one of the brightest prospects for cricket. He did one solo test in Headingley, taking five wickets in it, but because of what Wisden said “tweets about his surroundings” and his parallel career as a male model. Was dropped on.

All-rounder Ricky Clark also played that year, playing a few top-notch matches and then rushing into the test team. He played two games, was dropped and didn’t win the other, but I think it was good that his county form deserved it.

Martin Big Nell was a little lucky. He was finally recalled 10 years after his debut, but it was too late except for Indian summer, and everyone was wondering why he wasn’t chosen in the meantime. And Darren Goff also joined the team that season and spewed smoke. Due to the loss of cartilage in my right knee, my leg swelled twice as much as normal, and I stopped the test cricket after applying it from Graeme Smith. Matthew Hogard and Steve Hermison were playing. The test record seemed very formidable to Anderson at the time, but he had been overtaken for a long time.

Anderson says he really started believing that he and Stuart Broad were enough for test cricket only when he and Stuart Broad were selected before the two in 2008. By that time Hogard had lost the zipper and bowling was a bit flat and dull. Hermison was forever homesick and suffered from injuries and his mental health. He was suffering from depression. So did Andrew Flintov. The ashes of 2005 were the peak when three people had a hard time getting off.

Graham Onions held in Taunton in 2018. He ended up putting a steel plate on his back. Photo: Harry Trump / Getty Images

At least they had a chance. Simon Jones didn’t. His career ended with ankle and knee injuries in just 18 tests.

Then there was Liam Planket, who had to reinvent himself to return to the team seven years later as the coach tried to make him a swing bowler. And Saji Mam Mood. England was convinced that he was the man who helped them win the ashes. They never chose him again when it turned out he wasn’t.

The following summer, they offered John Lewis a game. It felt like a Lifetime Achievement Award for all years of participating in the County Championship. Similarly, Ryan Sidebottom returned after spending six years because the coach didn’t think he was fast enough. Chris Tremlet was also playing when his body allowed him.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, Darren Pattinson got a cap. His own captain really didn’t know why. Amjad Khan got another at the end of his tour of the West Indies. Then he hurt his ankle. Ajmal Shahzad played a match against Bangladesh, stealing three wickets “with a spell full of nips and reverse swings” and serving as a travel reserve until he lost his favor in Yorkshire. This seems to have upset his career. And while there was Boyd Rankin who proved he had everything he needed to succeed in Ireland, there was only one disappointing match against England at the end of Ash’s whitewash.

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Then there were people who promised to make a comedy duo a trio for a while. Graham Onions, who ended up carrying a steel plate, Tim Bresnan, another fall man for a poor tour of Australia, and Steven Finn, who was thrown by his follow-through habit of clipping wickets, and he. Confusion about what the team wants him to do. They talked until Jake Ball took three wickets in four games. And Chris Jordan who flowed into the T20 cricket. And Toby Roland-Jones, who stole eight wickets at the time of his debut, collapsed due to a stress fracture.

Luck and hunger. As always, he makes it much easier to hear than it really is.

Hunger Game: How Jimmy Anderson Dodged a Long List of Bowling Victims | England v New Zealand 2021

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