Hurricane race hits Mexico, unleashing floods and power outages Reuters

© Reuters. A snack bar destroyed when a hurricane race crashed into the shore due to heavy rain can be seen on August 21, 2021 on the beach of Costa Esmeralda near Tecolutla, Mexico.Reuters / Yahil Sevaros


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Tecolutla, Mexico (Reuters)-Hurricane races struck Mexico with torrential rains and howling winds on Saturday, causing severe floods and sending after becoming one of the most powerful storms in the country’s bay in years. Destroyed power lines and trees.

Grace was blowing up maximum sustained winds of 125 mph (201 km / h) when it slammed into the shores near the Tecolutla resort in Veracruz early on. This is a category 3 hurricane on a 5-step Saffir-Simpson scale. morning.

As it traveled across the mountainous regions of Mexico, it quickly weakened and became a tropical cyclone by the morning.

Veracruz civil protection officials said Grace caused a power outage and killed trees. Video footage and photos posted on social media showed damage to the building, but there were no immediate reports of casualties.

Local television showed a serious flood in Xalapa, the capital of Veracruz, with a coffin of a local company floating on a flooded road. The local government also said that the nearby Actopan River ruptured the embankment and closed the local highway.

The Governor of Galicia Quitrawak said that some rivers in Veracruz would be flooded in the coming hours and urged locals to cover them. “I repeat, I will withdraw to the hills and municipal hostels,” Garcia said in a statement.

Television footage also showed a flood at Ciudad Madero in the southern part of Tamaulipas near the Veracruz border. The Francisco Madero refinery of the Mexican state-owned oil company Petroleos Mexiconos (Pemex) is located in Ciudad Madero.

Mexico City International Airport said some flights were canceled due to a hurricane. The national power company, Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE), reported that 565,000 power users were affected by the power outage.

By 10 am CST (1500 GMT), Grace was vulnerable to tropical cyclones with strong winds at 70 mph (110 km). According to the Miami-based National Hurricane Center (NHC), the center was about 25 miles (40 km) northeast of Mexico City.

Before Grace struck the land, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador urged people in Veracruz, Puebla, San Luis Potosi, Tamaulipas, and Hidalgo to go to hills or shelters.

Many people seem to have listened to the call.

Until Sunday, NHC predicts that Grace will rain 6 to 12 inches (15 to 30 cm) in the eastern and central strips of Mexico, and up to 18 inches (45 cm) in some areas. doing. It said heavy rains would probably cause flashes and areas of urban flooding.

Veracruz and its waters are home to several oil facilities, including the port of Pemex in Coatzacoalcos and the Lazaro Cardenas refinery in southern Minatitlán.

Grace often struck land north of these cities.

Earlier in the week, Grace struck Mexico’s Caribbean coast, killed trees and caused power outages for nearly 700,000 people, but did not lose lives, officials said.

It also hit Jamaica and Haiti with torrential rains, still upset after a magnitude 7.2 quake.

Hurricane race hits Mexico, unleashing floods and power outages Reuters

Source link Hurricane race hits Mexico, unleashing floods and power outages Reuters

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