Hybrid work model introduced for Primark office employees

Multi-chain retailer Primark unveiled a new hybrid work model when office-based employees began to return to face-to-face work.

Starting in September, the Global Headquarters in Dublin, the Primark House in Reading, and the Central Supply Chain Office in Islip all welcome employees into physical workspaces.

Planning is carried out in a strategic way, with employees working an average of three days a week and scheduling based on individual role and team-level agreements.

This decision is based on the company’s job assessment and internal listening sessions organized to anticipate the needs of employees, businesses, and customers. The new model replaces and extends Primark’s current flexible working approach. Previously, employees had the option of working from home or on the go, giving them even more flexibility in start and end times.

Returning employees will join the office-based product and central functions teams for business-critical tasks in recent months.

“We want to protect a great culture, support people in the future and continue to innovate for our customers,” said Lorraine Calligan, Group Director of People and Culture, in a statement. .. “Together, we’ve leveraged the learning and insights of the last 18 months to create a hybrid work model that maximizes both remote and face-to-face work and balances flexibility with human connectivity and collaboration. Developed. We plan to make this change to everyone from September, but we are living in an uncertain era and will continue to experiment for the foreseeable future. “

Primark states that it will continue to follow government safety guidelines as it transitions to this new evolution of face-to-face work.

Culligan adds: “We don’t have a crystal ball and things are constantly changing, but this new hybrid model is based on trust, increasing personal flexibility and allowing each colleague to work from home and the Primark workspace. We will be able to combine the work in. “

Hybrid work model introduced for Primark office employees

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