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Hypocrisy over Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala costume

that too MET Gala What if I didn’t talk to Kim Kardashian about her dramatic outfit?

As usual, the star frowned on Balenciaga’s all-black head-to-toe outfit. Many in the fashion world have praised it as “sophisticated,” “futuristic,” and even “inventive.” “.

But not everyone was impressed.

An online meme compared her to everything from Harry Potter dementors to female bathroom signs.

In particular, an Instagram post pointed out the hypocrisy of what Kim wore to some of the burqa bans currently taking place throughout Europe.

“Much of what they’re being demonized is, seeing Western women doing the same thing, and everyone seems to be” oh, look at her whereabouts. ” “

-Lucio Moshima Tele

@girlsagainstoppression Instagram is a feminist page run by a group of seven young women around the world. Lusyomo Simatele is 22 years old and is one of the owners of the account.

As soon as the group saw Kim’s clothes, they immediately questioned it, especially considering everything that’s happening lately. Afghanistan..

“It’s like a Sith, you don’t know what’s going on in the world? It’s not the time now, it’s unpleasant, it’s deaf,” says Lusyomo.

Luciomo himself is not a Muslim, but the members of the group are Muslims, and as soon as they saw Kim’s costume, they were openly discussing issues related to Islamophobia.

“When Muslim women are fighting for their rights, they lack a sincere alliance,” she says.

Lusyomo Simatele is one of seven women who run @ girlsagainstoppression Instagram accounts.

“Most of what they’re being demonized, they’re being neglected, seeing Western women doing the same, everyone” oh, look at her whereabouts. ” It seems like. “

“Muslim women do not need to gain their own experience or talk about trauma to realize that Islamophobia is wrong.”

-Lusyomo Simatele, co-owner of @ girlsagainstoppression

Posts are widely shared on the platform and show more than 10 times the performance of accounts on average. However, Lusyomo and the team are shocked by the lack of understanding of the comment section on Islam and Muslim women.

“This has little to do with Kim Kardashian. It’s that we need to use the context of pop culture to bring social justice to the fore and people really understand how big a problem it is. It’s one of those times. [Islamophobia] teeth.

“So many people weren’t even aware that so many countries that were considered progressive were banned from covering their heads.”

Luciomo says many people have contacted them for accusing Kim of cultural appropriation, and she is not surprised at this.

“Don’t pretend that the Kardashian family doesn’t have cultural vulture habits.”

Kim previously Black face She had to change the brand name of the shapewear she originally had Called a kimono..

However, the group hopes that their post means that more people will do their own research and speak about Islamophobia.

“One of the major problems in Western society when it comes to covering is to build a barbaric practice because Muslims cannot explain why they cover using Western or European logic.

“Their decisions are bad overall, and those who use this practice to empower themselves are bad, because those who practice head covering deserve a safe space to do so. , I really want people to get out of their way to educate themselves. “

Hypocrisy over Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala costume

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