Hyundai Treasury and Silicon Valley Bank Form Payment Partnership

Modern Treasury, a payments management software provider, and Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), the world’s most innovative company and its investor bank, today announced a referral agreement and new integration for automated payments operations and are growing rapidly. Money movements for companies that are.

Modern Treasury’s payment operations platform allows businesses to instantly close their books with continuous accounting, manage payments via dashboards or APIs, and automatically adjust cash across multiple bank accounts. Through referral agreements, SVB and Modern Treasury provide mutual clients with seamless access to process payments directly from SVB’s bank accounts, allowing users to use SVB’s wide range of domestic and international payment methods and currencies. Allows you to send, receive, adjust, and approve payments.

“We are excited to partner with a bank like SVB, which is at the heart of the tech industry and has partnered with the most exciting technology companies for decades,” said Modern Treasury CPO and Co-founder Matt Marcus said. “We look forward to working together to modernize payment operations for shared customers through a simple, scalable and secure platform.”

Kathleen Pierce Gilmour, Head of Global Payments at Silicon Valley Bank, said: “This integration increases efficiency and provides transparency in the complete payment process and professional banking services tailored to fast-growing companies.”

Aleksander Koenig, CEO and Founder of Settle, said: It is now possible to easily grow 1,000 times. FinTech should stop completely and consider using them. ”

Hyundai Treasury and Silicon Valley Bank Form Payment Partnership

Source link Hyundai Treasury and Silicon Valley Bank Form Payment Partnership

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