I defend Frankie Bridge after a celebrity fan “related” trial

Frankie Bridge has been protected by some of my celebrity viewers after a recent trial.

Singer and star of Loose Women faced scary karaoke and Naughty Boy in a music-themed trial during a trip to Glitch Castle on Thursday night.

Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly told the pair that one celebrity needed to sing while the guts and other items (including Yum Yums) were being shot dead.

On the other hand, the other had to drink a blended drink before taking turns.

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Snoop’Frog’, Billie’Eye-fish,”Poo-No’ Mars,’ Sicki’ Minaj face swallowing pair-blended frog legs, corns, pig anus, vomit fruit It was one of the original songs played while I was there.

After Frankie struggled to finish his last drink, they completed the challenge with 10 of the 11 possible stars.

And their brave efforts secured a sausage meal in the camp later that day.

Frankie made a brave display after admitting that the trial was particularly difficult because he was afraid of vomiting.

Frankie during a scary karaoke trial

She wept when she returned to the camp and was comforted by Louise Minchin.

However, fans soon defended the star after spending years with S Club Juniors and the girl band The Saturdays, criticizing her song.

@mrperfectlyzac tweeted: “People who decide that Frankie is singing a bad song when she’s frozen and all the scary things are on her. She’s singing a good tbh # imaceleb I don’t think I care. “

Naughty boy during scary karaoke trial

“She was about to freeze, just as people were judging Frankie’s song when Frankie was on trial, and she couldn’t even see the word #ImACeleb,” said @JessieMcFly.

@ xEmmaElkins90 adds:

The pair was given a towel to keep warm

“People are complaining about Frankie’s song, but she was literally frozen and dumping junk everywhere in her #ImACeleb,” @lvrskzz wrote.

other I am a celebrity Viewers saw Frankie and Naughty Boy quiver before the insulation towels were provided and talked about the “concern” trial.

“Poor Frankie, she shouldn’t have to do this. She looks frozen. #ImACeleb can be seen shaking,” @ Ben4eva said.

Frankie was upset when he returned to the camp

@ mawgan18 states:

“Frankie is very shivering. I’m worried. I hope she’s okay. #ImACeleb,” added @DanielJFalconer.

@Upsighedd states: ImA Celeb. “

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I defend Frankie Bridge after a celebrity fan "related" trial

Source link I defend Frankie Bridge after a celebrity fan "related" trial

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