I never dreamed I would meet His Majesty – I kept it a secret for two months, says Sun Who Cares Wins award-winning doctor

A heroic doctor who has saved countless lives in Ukraine has been awarded the Sun Who Cares Wins award in a surprise surprise presentation by King Charles.

Dr. Frieda Newlands62, thought she was attending a reception at Dumfries House, Ayrshirebut instead His Majesty the King Asks, “Is there Dr. Frieda at home?”


King Charles honors Dr. Frieda Newlands, 62, with an amazing surprise presentation at Dumfries House.Credit: Arthur Edwards / The Sun


Comedian Al Murray gave Dr. Frieda another award last nightCredit: Arthur Edwards / The Sun


The heroic doctor was awarded Best Doctor Gong for his work in providing emergency care to humanitarian crises around the world.Credit: Arthur Edwards / The Sun

he gave her our Best Doctor Award A day that turned out to be his last day as Prince of Wales.

queen died the next day.

honored doctor Sun Who Cares Wins Awards Prince Charles said he never dreamed of meeting His Majesty, but kept it a secret from his children for two months.

Emergency medicine specialist Dr. Freda Newlands was invited to Charles’ Dumfries House residence in September.

In fact, she was the only visitor and was stunned when Charles arrived.

then he told her best doctor Gong is honored for her work in providing emergency care to humanitarian crises around the world. world.

It was his last engagement as Prince of Wales, as his mother, the Queen, died the next day.

Dr Freda said:

At last night’s awards ceremony, a video was shown showing Charles surprising a selfless medic. This was also the first time her children learned of this meeting.

Dr Freda said: SunA ruse to get me there, I must say.

“I was so excited to take a tour of this lovely house. I never dreamed I would meet His Majesty.

“This will be a very special memory. I kept my meeting with His Majesty a secret. child Alice and Douglas were with me at the awards, so I wanted to give them a surprise when the video was shown.


The bash was held last night at the Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, North London.Credit: Paul Edwards


The ceremony was announced by Davina McCallCredit: Paul Edwards

Dr. Freda recently Ukraine With frontline medical aid charities UK-Medtreating victims of war.

she also Syriac cross borders, Fatal Outbreaks of Diphtheria of Bangladesh.

“Completely disgusting”

During the meeting they discussed her many charity missions with UK-Med and other organizations. Doctors Without Borders.

Dr. Freda said last night, “I was so shocked and completely disgusted when I met him.

“He knew everything from my background and where I applied.

“I was very impressed with how natural he was and how talkative he was.

“He was also good at conducting conversations. He was very good at putting me at ease so I wasn’t overwhelmed. It felt very special.

“The next day he became king, and his presence made me feel comfortable.

“I had the pleasure of meeting him. It was an incredible privilege to have him present the award as well. Prince Charles before becoming King.

I was very impressed with how natural he was and how talkative he was.

Dr. Frieda Newlands

“Overwhelmed. I loved every minute of it. He’s a supporter of NHS And women, and it’s a memory I’ll never forget.

Charles told Dr. Freda during the meeting: it actually works. Many congratulations. It’s incredibly natural. ”

Dr. Freda of Kipford, Dumfries and Galloway found her calling after spending 15 years as a secondary school biology teacher before graduating from medical school in 2008.

“Dreams of a Lifetime”

She said, “Being a doctor has been a lifelong dream. I never thought I’d have the chance to be a doctor. So doing what I do every day is an absolute privilege.”

She was nominated by her colleague Richard Dear, 52, Head of Logistics at UK-Med.

he said:

“Neither does she sing or dance about her humanitarian work. It gets little attention or mention outside her immediate circle.

“Those who take these risks and are selfless, kind and giving deserve all the credit.”

The ceremony took place last night at Chalk Farm’s Roundhouse. north london presented by Davina McCall.

guests including boxers Anthony Joshuaprime minister Rishi Snack Comedian Al Murray presenting the award to Dr. Freda again last night.

Davina, 55, said:

“Sometimes too much news is sent to us, negative news that makes us feel like the world is such a terrible place.

“But such miraculous deeds of goodness happen all the time and everywhere.

“These stories are amazing. Another thing we often hear is how humble the winners are.

“They always say they’re part of a big team. They don’t even embrace their own laurels.”

Amazing stories from other candidates channel 4 And all four on Sunday at 6:30pm.

Our Awards — Sponsored lottery in partnership with NHS Charity Together — We salute medical personnel, scientists and the general public for their extraordinary care and courage.


The other nominees’ great stories will be revealed when it airs Sunday at 6:30pm on Channel 4 and All 4.

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