I rushed to the hospital when celebrity Richard Madley got sick

Richard Madley is reportedly taken to the hospital after getting sick while I was a celebrity.

The Presenter of Good Morning Britain is one of the 10 celebrities currently on the ITV reality show.

Richard, 65, is reportedly sent to A & E after being worried about the production staff and his fellow co-stars due to a sudden illness.

Sources said Sun : “That was horrible-the camper was really upset and worried, all the crew and doctors set out in a hurry to help him.”

They added that it was “really scary to everyone involved,” but he was taken to a nearby hospital as a precautionary measure and is currently “under treatment.”

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The ITV reportedly told the paper that he was taken to the hospital as a “precautionary measure.”

A spokesman for I’m A Celebrity told the metro:

“He was taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure. The health and safety of our campmates is our priority.”

NS Manchester Evening News I also contacted ITV and I am a celebrity representative.

Richard attended the latest trial Wednesday night and was seen by the viewer.

Richard was involved in the latest trial

The TV star first undertook Castle Kitchen Nightmare, where he saw him slip his head into the sewers of rotten fruits and vegetables.

He laughed as a bystander of Declan Donnelly the moment host Ant McPartlin admitted that “the image will live with me for a long time.”

After a general vote, Richard was tasked with searching for 10 hidden stars in a “castle-filled” kitchen.

After searching for 10 minutes in a dark room when the fish guts and guts fell on him, Craction succeeded in earning 4 out of 10 stars for Madely and secured a squirrel’s diet for the camp. Rang.

However, viewers continue to blow up the trial as “unfair” and “impossible.”

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I rushed to the hospital when celebrity Richard Madley got sick

Source link I rushed to the hospital when celebrity Richard Madley got sick

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