I spent 10 years locked up in a rugged prison in the UK’s harshest prison…here are 5 chilling facts about the prison system

A former prison officer who spent more than a decade in one of the toughest prisons in the country tells of living surrounded by murderers, rapists, murderers and pedophiles.

Neil Samworth, now 60, spent 11 years in Manchester’s sprawling Strangeways prison, working alongside hardened criminals, drug dealers and serial rapists.


Neil Samworth spent 11 years in Manchester’s sprawling Strangeway prison working with hardened criminalsCredit: Amy Louise Fairest


Boundary wall at HMP Manchester, also known as StrangwaysCredit: Getty

Neil reveals prison officers at risk of being targeted at home IRAs Mafia, if fallen with inmates connected to international criminal groups.

He tells how prisoners play a system that runs gangs from within, and how the UK needs a US-style supermax prison because terrorists can kill officers. rice field.


A burly Yorkshire man remembers Dale Cregancurrently serving a life sentence for murdering PCs Fiona Bourne and Nicola Hughes due to his “aloof” demeanor in Wings.

He said: “Dale didn’t want to talk to the jailers. He just wanted to make a deal with the governor.”

Neil said that Cregan was associated with criminals outside the prison who used firearms, but there were more dangerous men inside the prison.

He said: “Yes, we knew he had an outside relationship.

“But there were more dangerous people among them. strangeways than him. “

Neil, who was forced to physically restrain violent prisoners face down, said he often met former Rag when he went shopping.

He said: “I ran into so many ex-convicts at the supermarket. They all had time for me and stopped shaking hands.

“Some have introduced me to their families, others have apologized for their past actions.”

I ran into so many ex-convicts at the supermarket

Neil Samworth

Neil said he enjoys chatting and joking with crooks and gangsters, trying to build decent relationships with most prisoners.

Neil said much of his time in the Victorian prison between 2005 and 2016 was mediocre, but violence could erupt at any moment.

odd job

Neal described Stangway’s as a highly unusual work environment where boredom and boredom are broken by moments of violence and horror.

He said HMP Manchester’s high-security Cat A Wing was a place full of boastful egos, with a concentration of hardened criminals and gangsters.

They knew they were being listened to and wanted to be in Cat A.

Neil Samworth

Neil told The Sun that two members of a notorious Manchester crime family used the prison’s phone system to confirm that they had placed themselves in Cat A wing.

He said: “They knew they were being listened to and wanted to be in Cat A.

Neil said many depictions of the prison system in movies and television are inaccurate.

He said issues of male rape were “extremely rare” and that the urban legends surrounding prison showers were completely untrue.

Neil explains:

He praised the BBC prison drama time Starring Sean Bean and Stephen Graham, it gives an “authentic” look at life behind bars.

prison drama

Neil said the drama was able to convey how sophisticated criminals exert influence and pressure on both other inmates and cops.

He said: “Time has really captured the atmosphere of the wings.”
He said this type of criminal, known in the system as a “head,” was usually running the wings they were in.

The former officer said, in his view, many prisoners were put on the road to crime by a background often ravaged by childhood trauma and drug use.

Upset anyone associated with the IRA or Mafia and they will find out where you live. it happens.

Neil Samworth

He said: “I remember one young man who told me his father was a bank robber.

“He came home and there was a shotgun on the kitchen table.

“The drawers were full of £20 and £50 notes.”

Neil’s latest book on life at HMP Manchester “Strangeways Unlock” We look unflinchingly into our inner life.

The book tells the story of members of a Liverpool crime family attacking two police officers in prison, injuring both men severely.

need super max

Neil said prison guards across the country are working under constant threat of violence.

he said he was shocked by the attack on Belmarsh Prison in London When three terrorists storm the office and beat up a prison officer.

Hashem Abedi, Ahmed Hassan and Muhammed Saeed were later charged in connection with the “fanatic” attacks.

Abedi is manchester arena bombing with his brother Salman 22 people lost their lives in 2017.

Neil said, in his view, the officers were not trained to deal with fully radicalized prisoners like Hashem Abedi.

I think we need a supermax style prison for the most dangerous criminals in this country

He added: “Young prison officers who take on this job need to be well trained and prepared for what lies ahead of them. No kidding.”

Neil, who is from Sheffield, said that on rare occasions prisoners associated with terrorist or mafia-affiliated organizations could target police officers.

“If you upset someone with ties to the IRA or the Mafia, they’ll find out where you live. It actually happens.”

Neil says Britain now needs a US-style supermax prison for the country’s most dangerous criminals.

“My concern is that terrorists are trying to kill prison guards in UK prisons.

“I think the most dangerous criminals in this country need a supermax-style prison.”


Gangster Dale Clegane spent time in StrangewaysCredit: PA: Press Association


Neil Samworth worked for HMP Manchester for 11 yearscredit:

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