“I tried to fix Megan Markle with Ashley Cole, but he wasn’t enthusiastic,” said Lizzie Kandy.

Ashley Cole is reportedly “not enthusiastic” about going on a date Megan Markle, 39, after Lizzie Kandy I tried to set them.

Lizzie, 53, said she defeated Megan after meeting at a charity gala in 2013 after saying she loved her “British boyfriend” while promoting her lawyer’s TV series suit in the UK. explained.

Duchess of a former friend of Sussex, recently Megan claimed to have nominated her baby daughter after her, She claimed to have immediately thought of soccer player Ashley, 40, but he was reportedly “not enthusiastic” about the idea.

“Meghan said she loves London and wants to love her British boyfriend, so I looked up my phone and looked for someone who knew it might be right for me,” Lizzie said. Told Grazia magazine.

London, UK-May 20: Lizzie Kandy will attend a special screening of “A Quiet Place Part II” at Cineworld Leicester Square on May 20, 2021 in London, UK. (Photo courtesy of David M. Benett / Dave Benett / WireImage)

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“I tried to find her boyfriend-Ashley Cole wasn’t so enthusiastic-but I tried to fix her, it’s funny to look back.”

Lizzie’s claim is more than seven years old from Daily Mail journalist Katie Hind. Claimed that Megan showed her message from Ashley I asked if I should go out with him in 2013.

“”[Meghan pulled an] She took her iPhone out of her purse, pointed to a photo of a nice-looking man in her Twitter account, and wrote in an article published in 2017, “Do you know this man, Ashley Cole?”

Megan Markle talks to Lizzie Kandy
Lizzie said, “I tried to fix her.”

Katie continued: “‘Surely’ I said calmly.

“She went on.’While I’m here in London, he wants to go out on a date. What do you think? Do you know him?'”

Previously, Ashley had been scrutinized after being separated from Cheryl Tweedy in 2010. Claims that he was dishonest to her.

An entertainer journalist went on to explain that she warned her to move away from the front left back as she said: “So, as the evening progressed, I straightened her.

Ashley "Very shaken" By the incident
Lizzie said Ashley was “not enthusiastic”

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“Meghan seemed surprised and answered quietly.” Thank you, thank you. Some of my friends told me to leave him. “

“Then she giggled:’I think I’ll leave it.'”

At that time, Megan had just finished divorcing former Trevor Engelson, 44, who is married to nutritionist Tracy Carland.

Edward he "go out" The rift between them
Megan is married to Prince Harry and shares two children

Prince Harry and Megan Markle

Since then, the former actress managed to find love and settle down with Prince Harry, officially joining the royal family in 2018 after a wonderful wedding.

She currently lives in Malibu, California, and after resigning as a member of the company, the other half is her son Archie, two, and Newborn daughter Lillibet’Lili’Diana Harry and 36.

OK!online We contacted representatives of Meghan, Ashley, and Lizzie for further comment.

"I tried to fix Megan Markle with Ashley Cole, but he wasn't enthusiastic," said Lizzie Kandy.

Source link "I tried to fix Megan Markle with Ashley Cole, but he wasn't enthusiastic," said Lizzie Kandy.

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