I was forced to move out of my apartment because my neighbor didn’t like the noise

One musician said he felt “betrayed” after his neighbor kicked him out of his apartment because he didn’t like the noise.

Fiona Fey, 35, From south londondecided to move out of his apartment after receiving a noise abatement notice from Lewisham City Council in April.

She said the complaint came while she was practicing playing piano and guitar and singing while recording various projects for her pop band.

But now the music tutor lives with a friend and his possessions have been moved to a warehouse.

she said My London: “I stopped playing the piano in October because my neighbor said it was too loud. He started hitting me, I called the police, it’s just a thud, it’s not violent, but it’s really scary.”

Fiona Faye, 35, from south London, says she feels betrayed after her neighbor kicked her out of her apartment because she didn't like the noise.

Fiona Faye, 35, from south London, says she feels betrayed after her neighbor kicked her out of her apartment because she didn’t like the noise.

Fiona said she stopped playing the clarinet after receiving complaints, claiming it affected her ability to play.

Fiona said she regularly practiced the low whistle, which is only 80 decibels, and even stopped playing the clarinet, which she said had a negative impact on her ability to play.

However, she admitted that she had been singing in her apartment, but said she thought it was very quiet, mostly guitar playing and finger plucking.

Fiona later described threatening visits by city council representatives, saying she felt “betrayed” and was treated like a criminal.

Fiona explained that the visit fell through the moment the councilman entered the living room.

She said: “I felt so betrayed, huddled, angry and upset. The city council treated me like a criminal. I let them talk chatty and joking, but they said, “We’re not here to make friends, it’s serious official business.”

She said both officials refused to sit down and declared they were not there to make friends.

She claimed they spoke to her at the same time but refused to put a word into her at the same time, which she said made her even more upset.

Fiona said she felt “betrayed, mobbed, angry and upset” after a visit from Lewisham City Council.

Fiona has been a professional musician for ten years and is a member of two pop bands.

Fiona added that she no longer had a reason to live in an apartment because living in a place where she couldn’t play music would be a waste of money.

A musician for 10 years, she taught piano lessons to students after school four days a week and practiced and recorded various musical projects during the day.

Lewisham City Council, however, claims it attempted to mediate between the musician and neighbors, but claims it was Fiona’s father who asked her daughter to move out.

A city council representative said a phone call with Mr. Woodward, the apartment’s lessee, on April 5 confirmed that Mr. Woodward had asked his daughter to vacate the land.

A representative added that Woodward admitted that his family had fallen out with his daughter and had no control over her daughter’s behavior.

The city council said it had received a written confirmation from him, which also said he planned to sell the property.

“Since November 2022, we are aware of noise problems in our residences due to loud music, playing musical instruments, singing, etc., and have received numerous complaints as a result,” an agency spokesperson said. Stated.

“We celebrate the musicality and creativity of the ward and recognize the right of people to play their instruments in their homes. We only intervene when we receive complaints and always strive for a balanced and amicable resolution. efforts and can also include mediation.”

“We are not relying solely on neighbor complaints, which is why expert witnesses were dispatched in February to establish the extent of the problem.”

“This expert witness report confirms that the music from the residence was heard within the complainant’s home and was at an unreasonable level.”

“It is very rare that such situations ultimately lead to enforcement. Mediation can usually resolve the situation through a more friendly neighbor agreement, which includes agreement on practice time and some balance.” “

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