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Ice scrapers can damage the windshield – here’s how to do it properly:

Driving with unclear road views can result in a fine of £ 1,000. This means that when windows are covered with frost, you should clear the road as soon as possible.

Ice scraper Remove frost from windows Helps you drive safely in winter. As much as it helps When done by mistakeInstead of clearing the windshield, the windshield may crack.

Use an ice scraper when the cold below freezing is particularly troublesome and you want to get over it quickly. Doing it quickly can damage the vehicle and only make things worse. Sun Report.

How can I use the ice scraper without damaging the car?

Using an ice scraper can be difficult and tiring, but it is important to be able to drive safely in the winter.

When using an ice scraper, make sure you are using only light to moderate pressure on the windshield.

This is because the vehicle’s frost can contain rocks and other sharp materials, and pushing the scraper too hard can crack the windshield.

One tip is to turn on the car and turn on the heater for 5-10 minutes. This softens the ice and makes it much easier to scrape it off.

Things to avoid when using an ice scraper on your windshield

Do not use a glass scraper

A woman de-icing the windshield windshield with a scraper
Do not rush when removing the ice from the windshield, do it gently, and take time.

Glass ice scrapers may look more luxurious, but scrapers made of fragile materials like glass are more risky and more susceptible to scratches. It is much safer to use a plastic or rubber scraper.

Avoid hitting the ice

Rubbing ice in the freezing cold is not fun and everyone is impatient while doing it. No matter how much you want to do, don’t try to break the windshield ice with a scraper.

Hack is not always useful

Hackers are everywhere on the Internet claiming to do difficult tasks such as rubbing ice more easily and quickly.

for example, De-icing trick What was talked about at Tiktok was pouring hot water into a sandwich bag and rubbing it against a frosty windshield to clean it. However, many warn that hot water can break the glass instead.

Therefore, although it may take some time, we recommend using a trial-and-error solution that is less risky than any quick fix.

Regarding such hacks, an AA spokeswoman previously said, “If you use a windshield ice scraper, or a vehicle heater with the engine running (it never leaves the car), it probably works just as fast. Will do. “

Ice scrapers can damage the windshield – here's how to do it properly:

Source link Ice scrapers can damage the windshield – here's how to do it properly:

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