IDenfy Bag deals in Polish FinTech Clearing Finance

Lithuanian-based identity verification company iDenfy has announced a new partnership with Poland’s FinTech brand Payment Financial SA.

Through this partnership, Paymento will help reduce fraud by incorporating iDenfy’s proven security features.

Spoofing scams and phishing attacks are becoming an increasingly threatening industry around the world. IDenfy is a Lithuanian identity verification company that provides fraud prevention software. Use AI and biometrics to enable businesses to quickly and securely identify their customers.

iDenfy software guarantees real-time identity and face verification, speeds up security procedures and helps improve the overall customer experience. The company has partnered with FinTech Paymento Financial SA to provide Polish companies with biometric facial recognition software.

Paymento Financial SA provides the financial sector with professional financial services and IT solutions, specifically supporting entities operating in the financial and e-commerce markets. Paymento’s multi-platform solution can be integrated into a variety of systems, providing businesses with a simple, fast and flexible solution for online payments.

Paymento Financial SA will be able to provide users with a smooth and automated verification process by partnering with iDenfy. This will significantly speed up payment and verification with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and facial recognition.

iDenfy software can recognize a variety of documents from over 200 countries and territories. By working in real time, companies using the Paymento Financial SA service will be able to quickly determine the identity of the user and whether the information provided is fraudulent or fraudulent.

Regarding the announcement of the new partnership, iDenfy CEO Domantas Ciulde said: Their wide range of FinTech solutions are designed for the modern e-commerce world, and identity verification is an important aspect of minimizing fraud. Our software helps you perform these check-ins in real time, improving both security and the overall customer experience. ”

Andrzej Poniński, CEO of Paymento Financial SA, said: This requires a smooth, automated verification process provided by iDenfy software. Thanks to this innovative software, you can improve the customer experience and streamline the customer’s onboarding process. ”

IDenfy Bag deals in Polish FinTech Clearing Finance

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