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Three empire engineers were praised at # INWED’s Women’s Engineering Society (WES) Top 50 Women in Engineering Awards.

June 23, 2022 Mark International Women’s Day on Engineering Day (#INWED) says, “Inventors and innovators who are the best, brightest and brave women in the field of engineering, dare to be part of the solution and help build a brighter future. Is praised.

Only 16.5% of engineers are women, WES And INWED provides that profile when female engineers around the world are still very underrated in their profession. In Imperial, the Faculty of Engineering Whether you’re a senior member of staff or just starting your career, you’ll defend the excellent work created by female staff throughout engineering. Aiming to present engineering as an attractive career option for young women..

As part of the INWED celebration, WES praised Imperial’s Dr. Alarea Kia, Dr. Nausheen BashaWhen Dr. Sophie Morse As three of the top 50 women in engineering. We present advice for their careers and up-and-coming female engineers.

Imperial is also celebrating INWED A series of events including Workshops, table escape games, keynotes, networking with snacks, Engineering Network (WiN) Women..

Dr. Alarea Kia We have developed a next-generation permeable pavement called Chia Crete – High-strength and durable pavement that “absorbs” water from heavy rain without clogging it. They were developed to mitigate the effects of floods associated with climate change and urbanization, while at the same time making current and future infrastructure more resilient.

This perception of my work underscores the importance of developing a sustainable and transparent infrastructure. Dr. Alarea Kia Department of Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering

Kiacrete was developed through Dr. Kia’s research and start-up companies. PermiaEmission reduction, flood mitigation, water reuse, Heat island effect..

These new permeable pavements so far Is installed At Imperials White City Campus Places exposed to real-world loads and weather conditions. Dr. Kia is currently working with local governments, infrastructure operators, industry associations, engineering consultants and contractors to roll out engineering innovation to several more sites.

In 2021 Dr. Kia won top notch Royal Academy of Engineering The Research Fellowship will apply her permeable paving technology to the airport and design a new system to protect the airport’s infrastructure from surface water, ice and snow all year round.

In 2022 she was awarded UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship Develop next-generation materials for infrastructure essential to the building environment, such as highways, railroads, and buildings.

Dr. Kia said: “I am honored to be recognized as one of the top 50 women in engineering. This perception of my work is sustainable to address the challenges facing our society, such as climate change and urbanization. It highlights the importance of developing a possible permeable infrastructure, which also encourages the next generation of women to engineer, invent and innovate. “

“Accepting an unconventional concept will teach you an irreplaceable lesson.”

“I have planned and conducted lectures and outreach activities to increase the number of female engineers. Through my involvement.

Try, accept and learn all ideas, including ideas that are rare or seem unachievable at first. Dr. Alarea Kia Department of Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering

In a variety of women’s focus groups and university corporate networks, I seek to keep women in engineering, communicate research and innovation, and foster a positive work environment that encourages them to bring significant benefits to women and society.

“The advice I give to an ambitious or current female engineer is to do it now and try, accept and learn all the ideas, including those that initially seem unusual or unattainable. Accepting new concepts teaches you irreplaceable lessons and makes you smarter. Addressing these issues can even lead to breakthroughs that have a significant impact on the environment, economy and society. I have.”

Dr. Sophie Morse After earning a master’s degree in engineering from Imperial, he is a bioengineer who develops ways to get a PhD and improve. Delivery of the drug to the brain Use focused ultrasound and microbubbles. She is currently using focused ultrasound to improve drug delivery to brain tumors.

It makes a lot of sense to me that all the passion and time I have spent developing this technology is being recognized while advocating for women. Dr. Sophie Morse Department of Brain Science

Dr. Morse will set up his own research group in October 2022. Department of Biological Engineering, She uses focused ultrasound to stimulate cells in the brain, especially the immune and glial cells that support our neurons. Ultimately, the goal is to find new treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, brain tumors, and even slowing aging.

Her previous works are Britain When European Society of Medical Ultrasound, William James Award From the Institute of Engineering Technology, and with the Gold and Westminster medals of engineering UK STEM In england


Dr. Morse said: “I am honored to receive this Womenin Engineering Award. All of the passion and time spent developing this technology to deliver medicines to the brain is recognized while advocating for women to become accustomed to engineering. That makes a lot of sense to me. I am very grateful to all who have supported, guided and encouraged me in the process. “

“Don’t let anyone put off your dreams.”

Dr. Morse believes in the importance of encouraging and inspiring women to participate in the field of engineering.

Try new things, prioritize and learn to say no. That way, you can do more of what you like and reduce what you don’t like. Dr. Sophie Morse Department of Brain Science

As Chairman of the Largest International Volunteer Engagement Committee IEEE Ultrasound Society, She works to empower women in underrated countries. She insists on more development opportunities early in a woman’s career and works with young female students to expose them to STEM career opportunities.

For young female engineers and anyone who wants to start engineering, Dr. Morse said: Don’t let anyone put off your dreams. You can do this! “

Dr. Nausheen Basha teeth Certified engineer An Imperial project manager with a keen interest in increasing diversity in computational fluid dynamics, multiphase flow, machine learning and engineering.

Her PhD study Freezing Laboratory (IOR) And she is honored Ted Perry Award 2021.she Previous work Develop an air compressor at City, University of LondonDeployed to supply oxygen cylinders, importantly COVID-19 Pandemic Intervention in India.

To balance, the men in this space need to act as active defenders and allies. Dr. Nausheen Basha Department of Chemical Engineering

At Imperial, Dr. Basha UKRI-Called a funded project. PremierUse artificial intelligence to create next-generation ultra-fast predictive models in multiphase flow systems. These are systems that handle the flow of gases, liquids, and, in some cases, solids through pipes, channels, and reactors at the same time.

PREMIERE better understands the behavior of these flow patterns and uses intelligent computer simulations to determine how these patterns are affected, whether they are in the body or in a chemical plant. I’m trying to predict. The aim is to improve the productivity and efficiency of manufacturing, energy and healthcare as a whole.

Dr. Basha is currently studying data-driven optimization of mixed reactors as part of the PREMIERE project. Data Driven Modeling Subcommittee..At Imperial, Dr. Basha gave her “extraordinary work and support” at the premiere. 2021 Presidential Award Excellence Award..

Dr. Basha said:

Passionate about improving equality and diversity in engineering, Dr. Basha spends a lot of time encouraging other young women and minority groups to take up STEM subjects. Nafield Research Placement Run the shadowing program. She contributed to the Women’s Engineering Society newsletter and Process industry informant A magazine on topics such as women’s cultural barriers in STEM, wage inequality, and gender inequality in engineering.

“We need to be consistent in promoting women to leadership roles.”

Dr. Basha’s natural tendencies in mathematics, physics, and problem-solving have led her to a career path in engineering, but she says she has always been struck by the lack of female representatives in the field of engineering.

If you enjoy doing it, go ahead and do it. Everything else needs to be placed properly. Dr. Nausheen Basha Department of Chemical Engineering

“Engineering professionals are still predominantly male, so to balance, men in this area need to act as active advocates and allies. At Imperial, Notable work is being done. Stepping stone women’s development program When Academic Women’s Program (AWP).. However, we need to promote women to leadership roles and be consistent in increasing the number of support network groups for women. “

For young women and minority groups, Dr. Basha advises:


Elizabeth Donnelly, WES CEO said: .. “

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“If you enjoy it, go ahead and do it”-#INWED Top 50 Female Engineers | Imperial News

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