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“I’m 8 to 10 in size, but it’s said that I’m overweight and can’t be modeled. It’s devastating.”

The New York model wept after being told by the producer and casting director that it was “not fully wifed.”

22-year-old Anna Gantt uploaded a video to TikTok. So she accused the modeling industry of making young women feel they weren’t enough.

She began editing and runningways in US sizes 0 to 2 (UK sizes 4 to 6) in 2014 and said she is now in sizes 4 to 6 (UK sizes 8 to 10).

“I don’t like being a model because I’m never enough,” she said.

“And I’m disappointed every day because I’m not a skeleton and I’m not unhealthy anymore. I just cast and my emotions were hurt by the producer and casting director.”

She went on to say that after years of suffering from eating disorders, she was finally in a place where she could feel confident in her body.

New York model was told she needed to lose weight

Anna stood in 5’10 and said she was healthy now after earning 35 pounds (2.5 stones) in the last five years.

“I look good and I’m still thin. Living in this city makes me feel like I’m missing, I’m missing, I have to live. To do that. Unhealthy lifestyle. “

“F * ck it. F * ck modeling, f * ck fashion, f * ck industry. I’m too small for plus size. It’s too big for 0 to 2 f * ck standard size.

“After modeling in the industry since 2014, I was 22 and started modeling seven years ago.

“I was so young that it’s very rare that such a small thing is natural of all the models I met and worked on the set.”

Anna has been successful in modeling for 7 years
Anna has been successful in modeling for 7 years

Anna said she wants sizes 0-2 to be non-industry standards. This is because we know that some women and girls are struggling to reach these sizes.

The 22-year-old even revealed that she lost her period when she was suffering from an eating disorder.

“I’m literally thin, literally small, and sick. It’s too big.

I was asked, “What’s wrong with my stomach?” “I haven’t sat down enough so I want to see the bones. The photo was taken in early December. I may lose weight.”

“It was 2021 and I was told to lose weight for the shoot to be released in Barcelona. I just finished.”

Anna is fed up with being told she isn't enough
Anna is fed up with being told she isn’t enough

After being watched 8.3 million times, her video has spread through word-of-mouth and has been endorsed by thousands of viewers in the comments.

“I’m happy that these things are getting more and more public, because they definitely need to be changed right now!” Said one.

“The fact that girls have lost their period to get the weight you want proves that they are literally looking for prepubertal girls. Women can’t do that,” said another. The person said.

Model Tess Holliday commented:

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"I'm 8 to 10 in size, but it's said that I'm overweight and can't be modeled. It's devastating."

Source link "I'm 8 to 10 in size, but it's said that I'm overweight and can't be modeled. It's devastating."

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