I’m celebrity Simon Gregson. Collie fans confess their fears as they see him “another side”.

Coronation Street star Simon Gregson said, “I’m a celebrity … get me out of here!”

After playing Steve Macdonald at Soap for a long time For 32 years, fans must compare Simon to his unfortunate personality.

So he looks forward to showing them aspects that they may not have seen before, he talks to Miller before entering Glitch Castle in North Wales at the ITV reality show tomorrow night. Did.

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“I think it’s great for show fans to see another side,” he said.

Simon as Steve Macdonald

“How big a difference is that aspect hasn’t been seen yet? They might be like,” What a hell he’s like Steve! “

“Oh yeah, it’s great for people to look at another side.”

But he fears that his personality may not be able to shine through his nerves.

He continued: “When you’re doing something like this, it’s a little hard to show your true side anyway if your nerves make you better!” So relax and talk a few stories. Now that it’s time to do, they see another side.

“But who knows!

Collie’s icon wants fans to show a different side to him

“I’m completely nervous and may not be able to speak at all!”

Simon, 47, a 47-year-old father from Wizenshaw, was repeatedly asked by me to join a celebrity. He says his wife Emma and his boys Alfie, Harry, and Henry are begging him to join. ..

But the show’s move from Australia to Wales rocked it for him.

“The kids said every year,’I’ll do the show, I’ll do the show,’ but I couldn’t stand the chanting anymore,” he said.

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“So I went,’Yes, I’m going to show!'”

“So when I heard it was in Wales, I was like,” Oh! It might be a little better. ” Who wants to sit on the plane for 5 days?

“So I was like,’OK, yeah, let’s do it.’ So I’m here, I’m trying to do it!”

The soap actor added that another positive point is “in Australia, everything is designed to kill you.”

Simon has been primed by Corrie’s co-star who ran the I’m A Celebrity Gauntlet over the past few years.

“Of course, the food wasn’t great and it was always rice and beans, so it was said a bit difficult to do, but for me it’s a bonus for me because I have to lose weight desperately. That’s the worst boot camp! “

I’m the return of a celebritys tomorrow at 9 pm ITV

I'm celebrity Simon Gregson. Collie fans confess their fears as they see him "another side".

Source link I'm celebrity Simon Gregson. Collie fans confess their fears as they see him "another side".

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