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Impressive Caterpillar workers say they are “disturbed” in negotiations

Impressive Caterpillar workers say they are “interfered” in negotiations with the company.

Workers at the Larne and Springvale factories have been involved in industrial activities for the past five weeks, saying that the company “refuses to come to the table” and is preparing four more.

Talking to Belfast Live, an impressive worker was disappointed with Caterpillar, who “provides a substantial wage cut,” and said he had to work overtime on a contract.

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It is understood that there are about 160 workers on strike and about 80 at each factory.

Caterpillar states that it has provided workers with a 9% “fair and just” wage increase, taking into account concerns about living costs.

The worker said: “This controversy has been going on for months, and we’ve come to the point where we feel disturbed by Caterpillar.

“We’re offering a substantial reduction over the past few years after the increase was stopped by last year’s pandemic. This year’s inflation rate is 9% and if we don’t receive anything, it’s 9%. Offers an increase in the amount last year.

“They also tell us that we have to work 24 hours a month forcibly overtime or face disciplinary action.

“Looking at the increase in living expenses we are facing, I recently paid £ 300 for months of oil for heating. We are not offered a fair increase. I don’t believe it. Come to the table with us. “

Unite unions have informed Caterpillar this week that workers will participate in another four-week strike, saying they were “fighting hostility to efforts to find a negotiated solution.”

Impressive caterpillar workers

“Unite members are determined to earn fair wages. They will receive full support from the union until management returns with a decent salary increase offer,” said Unite General Secretary Sharon Graham. I have. “

George Brash, Regional Head of Unite, said:

He added: “Unite has confirmed another four weeks of strike. Caterpillar is ready to continue this action regardless of how long it takes to hear from employees and return to the negotiating table with a decent salary increase offer. . “

Caterpillar has presented a fair and equitable proposal to the union, acknowledging concerns about living expenses, including a 9% salary increase and a 2.6% retroactive lump sum payment for working hours from April 1, 2021 to April 1, 2022. He says he believes.

A Caterpillar spokesperson said:

“The company believes that industrial activity should be avoided, but promises to keep the facility running for the duration of the action.”

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Impressive Caterpillar workers say they are "disturbed" in negotiations

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