Increasing calls for women’s safety on the streets of the UK

After Sarah Everd’s weekend rally, there is a growing need for further steps to keep women safe on the streets of the UK.

Candlelight vigil was held at the front doors of the country to commemorate Sarah Everd, and all women were affected by violence and lost the violence.

Front door alerts hours after hundreds of people gathered at Clapham Common in southern London, despite the cancellation of a planned event due to the risk of violating COVID-19 blockade rules. I did.

Since then, shocking images and footage of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Cressida Dick calling for the case to resign and the Metropolitan Police Department clashing with people attending the Metropolitan Police Department have appeared.

“Some of the footage being broadcast online from Clapham’s vigilance is upset,” Home Secretary Priti Patel said on Twitter.

“I asked the Metropolitan Police Department for a complete report of what happened.”

“My thoughts remain with Sarah’s family and friends during this terrible time.”

Thousands of people attended Saraeverd's vigilance at Klapam Common.

In memory of Sarah Evalard

Sarah Everard was originally a 33-year-old marketing executive from York.

She disappeared while walking from her friend’s house in Clapham to her house in Brixton. Police officers were arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and murder after her body was found in the woodlands of Kent.

In a statement, Sarah’s family described her as a thoughtful, compassionate and illustrious example for all of us.

They said, “Sara was bright and beautiful, a wonderful daughter and sister.”

“She was kind, compassionate, compassionate, and dependable.”

“She always puts others first and had the most amazing sense of humor.”

“She was strong and principled and a brilliant example for all of us.”

“We are very proud of her and she brought great joy to our lives.”

Women in the UK and abroad share their experiences.

Women across social media shared stories of being called, harassed, tracked, assaulted, and exposed by cats.

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, visited Klapam Common to pay tribute. “I remember taking a walk in London the night before I got married,” said Kensington Palace.

People have also begun to share tips on how to stay safe while alone, such as wearing bright clothes and turning on WhatsApp live locations. There was also a call to educate men and advice on how to help women.

In a debate at the House of Lords, Baroness Jenny Jones of Morsecome demanded a curfew at 6 pm for men on the streets.

Special feature on workplace securityIncreasing anxiety about personal safety in the workplace

Employees are increasingly worried about workplace security.

Many women who work in shifts are afraid to quit their jobs at midnight. In the field of expertise, more and more women are worried about visiting new clients.

For this new climate of horror and anxiety, Darren Hyde, MD and VIP Security Services offer his best tips on how to ensure the protection of your colleagues.

Female travelers, women using laptops at the airport, travel specialsModern Travel-Safety considerations for female travelers

As summer approaches and daily flight deals are advertised, even remote parts of the world may appear to be accessible in just a few hours on a flight to your next destination with a single click.

Traveling alone or traveling alone is not a new phenomenon, but in recent years modern travel has been shown to show different patterns in our way of traveling. The number of women traveling alone for work, leisure and leisure continues to grow. But there are also dark aspects highlighted by recent horrific events, such as the two Scandinavian hikers killed in Morocco and the killing of Carlastefaniac in Costa Rica last year. Statistics tell a complex and sometimes unimaginable story, but there are steps we can take to keep ourselves safe and fully embrace the experience that travel brings.

Female traveler, female on the trainSafety when traveling alone

There are several wonderful places in the world that are beautiful, peaceful and exciting. Using adjectives, we were able to forever express the sight we are seeing.

Nevertheless, some countries are more dangerous than others when traveling alone. Therefore, it is imperative to research the desired route and destination before going anywhere. There’s a reason I’m writing this blog about safety while traveling. On November 28th, I will depart for a trip to Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Dubai.

10 Downing Street, Prime Minister, Parliament

Government response

Following a meeting of the Criminal Justice Task Force chaired by the Prime Minister, the government is taking swift steps to provide more peace of mind to women and girls.

This includes doubling the size of the Safer Streets Foundation, which provides better lighting and neighborhood measures such as CCTV. This will fund £ 45m for these regional projects, working with police, police and criminal commissioners to secure these areas of concern for women and girls and for sexual violence. We promise to focus more on prevention. ..

This may include routes from parks, alleys, bars, restaurants and nightclubs as the coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

To further support this and help women feel safer in the night economy as they recover from a pandemic, the government will also deploy “project alert” pilots nationwide. This is an internationally award-winning approach adopted by the Thames Valley Police, where both uniformed and plain-clothes police officers identify predatory and suspicious criminals in the night economy. This may involve officers attending the area around the masks of clubs and bars to make it more secure that women are safe in these places.

“The horrific incident of Sarah Evalard has unleashed a wave of emotions that women feel unsafe at night,” Boris Johnson said.

“We must do everything we can to keep the streets safe, and we have tightened our decisions and introduced groundbreaking legislation to put more police on the streets. I am. “

“We are currently taking further steps to provide greater peace of mind, such as better lighting and increased use of CCTV in parks and routes that women may take on their way home. “

“Ultimately, we need to eliminate violence against women and girls and make every part of the criminal justice system work to better protect and protect women and girls.”

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Increasing calls for women’s safety on the streets of the UK

Source link Increasing calls for women’s safety on the streets of the UK

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